Taking initiative at work can seem like a big deal, and a little overwhelming at first. Taking initiative means seeing the opportunity to do something and going for it. You are doing something productive without being asked. This shows that you are resourceful and you take advantage of situations with a positive approach. There are many different ways to light your fire of initiative at work, but our top five ways that are outlined in this article; we feel will benefit you outside of work as well. Showing initiative in the workplace displays you are motivated at work and outside of work and you are self-aware. After proven you can handle yourself, you start to become a role model for others like Sidd Pagidipati.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 Ways To Lit Your Fire of Initiative at Work:

  1.  Pursuing More Responsibly
  2.  Doing Projects That Others Elude
  3.  Settling Interpersonal Divergences at Work
  4.  Being a Team Player
  5.  Being Decisive at Work

Pursuing More Responsibility:

Many people become comfortable at work and only do what they are told to do. Yes, it is always good to do what you are asked to do, but sometimes it’s even better to go above and beyond and complete tasks that you have not been asked to do yet. This is what will light fire of initiative at work. Not only will you show initiative to your boss and coworkers around you, but also you will feel a lot better about your job and yourself at the end of the day. Pursuing more responsibility allows you to grow as a person and in your career and you might opt for a job promotion in the near future. With the holidays around the corner, it is easy to get side tracked and not in the working mood. This article published on Forbes is great for staying focused during the holiday season and being able to pursue more responsibility.

Doing Projects That others Elude:

Doing Projects That others Elude
There are always certain tasks at work that need to be completed but no one ever wants to do them. Being that person who takes initiative to do the things that most do not want to do, shows leadership. There needs to be a person at every job that is willing to do the less exciting tasks every so often. If you can be that person, you will be well respected and looked up too in your position. Managers and bosses look for people who are willing to show initiative and they grant them more accountability and job advancements for doing so. Try to step outside the box and do something that you don’t want to do. See how it concludes and see how you feel after.

Settling Interpersonal Divergences at Work:

Conflicts happen in every workplace and there needs to be a coworker that will treat everyone equally and be open-minded about the situation. Conflict in the workplace can result in poor productivity at work and tension between co-workers. Try and be that person who everyone can turn to for help, and be willing to solve discrepancies without being asked. Always acknowledge the problem and come to a respective resolution. Going to work should be a safe spot and a place you are excited about. If you are not happy, you will show that through your work and unfortunately you might not have a job for long if that is the case.

Being a Team Player:

Being a Team Player
We all know how important it is to be a team player, especially when it comes to the job. Not only can you help one another out, but also it makes life easier when you are willing to assist other people. When you are a team player, it opens the doors to new opportunities. A team player is usually reliable and can communicate effectively. Team players also show initiative in helping others, which some people only want to help themselves.

Being Decisive at Work:

Being Decisive at Work
Being decisive at work is important in order to get your work done. You don’t want to think about what to do all day and end up getting nothing done. It’s important to think fast and effectively. Come up with a plan and a role of action and execute that plan. If someone is indecisive, they are prolonging their task and not having the ability to finish another mission that day. Being decisive does not mean you should be the only one in charge of making the decisions. Always take other peoples feedback into consideration when completing a task because their inputs could be very beneficial.