With Diwali just around the corner, people are very excited, and why wouldn’t they be as Diwali brings with it a lot fun and enthusiasm. People are so full of joy that they start preparations for Diwali a month before the festival. They shop for new clothes, candles, diyas, mithais, flowers, rangoli colors and Pooja thalis.

Diwali is celebrated to honor the homecoming of Lord Ram after 14 years of exile. In that era, people lighted candles and diyas and decorated their houses to welcome Lord Rama. However, today Diwali Celebrations have taken a turn. People enjoy themselves by bursting crackers, without realizing what effect it will have on street animals, older people, those suffering from breathing problem and most of all on our mother nature.

Let us pledge this time to celebrate a cracker-free Diwali. If you are thinking of way to do this here are some ideas to help:

1. Decorate Your House

We clean our houses and surroundings days before Diwali. And when the festival arrives, we, unintentionally, trash our neighborhood by bursting cracker. This wipes away all our efforts. This year, instead of spreading clutter in our surroundings, let’s make it look clean and beautiful. Let us spend time decorating our houses using home décor products like door hangings, flavored candles, flowers and Lakshmi Ganesh idols.

2. Try Cooking

You have pledged to have a cracker free Diwali. But still the day cannot lack festivities. On the day of Diwali try cooking some authentic Indian dishes. If required take the help of your family members. It will keep them occupied. Afterwards, have a fancy dinner with your family and spend some leisure time talking and playing games with them.

3. Invite your friends from office

During your office hours, you hardly find time to talk to friends and co-workers. Once in a blue moon you it happens that to sit and have frank conversation with your workplace buddies. So, let this Diwali be about spending some quality time with office friends. You can make it more special by buying Diwali gifts for employees and giving them to your friends arriving at your home.

4. Bring some plants in your home and neighborhood

Pollution levels have been constantly rising and Diwali is contributing to it massively. Every year, close to Diwali, air quality substantially degrades. This year, we can contribute to reducing pollution levels. We can do this by bringing in our home some flora and planting saplings in our neighborhood. Some of the plants that you get are jade plant, money plant and basil plant.

5. Exchange gifts

One of the best ways to celebrate Diwali is to exchange gifts with friends and family members. When you give presents to your loved ones, you make them how important and special they are to you. There are a variety of gifts options available in market and online. You can chocolates as Diwali gifts. Some things you can give as presents are candles, sweets, hamper made of cookies, cakes and chips and home décor items.

Diwali is an important festival in Hindu culture. Celebrate it in the right manner to make environment beautiful and others happy.