If you are a skinny guy and your gym sessions are not really helping you with your gains, there are numerous ways to make yourself look less thin or bulkier with the help of fashion. Don’t worry if your insanely fast metabolism doesn’t let you gain weight and build muscles despite all your best efforts. It’s important for guys to look strong, and wearing right clothes in the right way helps a lot in creating strong masculine impression even if you are not beefed up. Listed below are some useful style tips that can give you a quick fix.

Don’t Wear Skinny Jeans:

A huge mistake that skinny guys do is wearing skinny jeans. Don’t wear any bottom that sticks to your legs. Skinny jeans make skinny guys look slimmer than they actually are. Switch to Slim Fit jeans as they don’t stick to your legs, yet they are body-hugging. Baggy style jeans are a big NO for skinny guys since they are suitable for those who are bulkier. Chinos are suitable options for skinny guys. Whether you wear chinos or jeans make sure its slim fit.

Wear Slim Fitting Tailoring:

When dressing for formal events or occasions, it’s suggested to keep your tailoring slim fitted. Wearing a suit that fits perfectly looks great. Therefore, avoid any bagging in the trousers and make sure your suit jacket doesn’t look too big. While selecting buttoned-down shirts, go for slim fit shirts. It’s a good idea to go for a body-hugging tailored outfit rather than body squeezing.

Layer Your Outfits:

Another smart tip for skinny guys to beef up instantly is to add layers to outfits. Layering is a strategy that doesn’t only make you look bulkier but also stylish if done in the right way. Layering is about combing your clothing to create an outfit. For instance, you can layer your shirts with a jacket or a t-shirt with an overshirt. Heavier layers can help you achieve those extra pounds. Layer up with denim jacket, blazer jacket, bomber jacket, and leather jacket. A denim jacket can be suitable for all seasons. Wear a light fabric as a base and layer it up heavier fabric. Layering up with three sweaters simultaneously is a fashion disaster.

Work on Your Upper Body Fit:

While choosing a shirt or a t-shirt, pay attention to the fit. Choose slim fit dress shirts that fit perfectly around your shoulder and chest area. Make sure that the shirt is not too tight around the chest area. Don’t buy anything that sticks to your upper body. Pay close attention to the shoulder fit.

The seam of the shoulder should sit the edge of your shoulder. Such minute details can make a bold statement when it comes to dressing up as a skinny guy.

Choose Right Colors or Patterns:

When the temperature starts rising, you cannot wear too many layers. In summers, choosing the right colors for your t-shirts or lightweight shirts can make you appear slightly heftier. For skinny guys, lighter colors like white, pastels, and beige are recommended. That’s because darker colors often make you look slimmer. Very few people know that wearing lighter colors can have the opposite effect.

Another reason why lighter tones are suitable for skinny guys is that they show off a little muscle definition you have. They better accentuate the natural bulges of a slimmer body.