Gifting has always been so troublesome just because of its nature and the process of thinking it takes of what to gift whom. The process can be more disturbing when you have to gift it to a geek friend of yours. From your school time days, we all have that one geek friend who is all so fascinated about all the bizarre things, and you might be making fun of them but actually, you too secretly want to be like them, and when it comes to gifting something to them it can be both confusing and interesting. Not to worry, learn more here is the list of the gift that solves all your problem and removes all your confusion.

1. Google home or Amazon echo

There is no special occasion to gift someone this Google or Amazon speaker. Google has not only been launching speakers but also have come up with Alexa in terms of features and usability. Both are superb speakers comes with your voice control and can rock any party or your family gathering. They are easy even to call family and friends for all that lazy geek friend.

2.Wireless charger

For all those geeky friends of yours out there who want to keep things very simple and are ready to adapt anything trending new in technology these wireless chargers are the one on which you cannot take your hands off, so gift them this charger soon and e one of their best friend. They are super convenient no plugs in, or plugs out no wires at all and are also very safe to use, just glide them in their pods and they charge automatically. Taking your charging process to the next level with the wireless chargers with no tension of wear and tear of wires in the process of charging your devices.

3. Xbox or play station

Xbox or play station whatever it is, it plays a crucial role in everyone life and especially in a geek life for all those lazy Sunday’s. Ditching the old video games the Xbox or play station is an ideal gift for your geek friend, updated in technology and with all the latest games there this is the gift in which you can also accompany your geeky friend to play. It comes in all range of price and is easily affordable and is readily available.

4. Gaming headset

Either you gift it with a play station, or you can gift it individually these gaming headsets play all the sounds on your ears to enjoy, without disturbing the people around with this gaming headset you can enjoy all the sounds and effect which are there in your game. They have explosive designs, well fitted to your ears, hide all the cables and come in many fun colors. They are expensive, but this feature-packed headset covers all your necessities.

5. Portable projector

Things that are handy and are less cumbersome make the best product for geeks and portable projector is no exception. Piqo, is the world’s most powerful pocket-sized projector that gives you cinematic power and Hi-fi speaker mode. Offering compatibility to more than 3600 apps, its 250-inch screen will give you enjoyable on the go!

6. Drones with the camera

A revolutionary product for all the photographer’s geek out there, who really want to have a bird’s eye view. These drones have made it possible to get all the possible shots from where a traditional camera can’t take and that also without risking your life in a helicopter for all those super shots. They are available in all price range with a high end featured camera. Nowadays these drones are used to cover mostly the marriages and are also used for a different photo shoot. Best to gift to a person with a keen interest in this field.

Whatever the gift is make sure it interest your friend, all the above gifts have one thing in common that they come with a ton of fun. Be sure that your geek friend is going to love it for many years to come.