As technology develops and the economy grows, there is often a response in the shift of Career landscape. So, choosing or picking a career path can make all the difference because it opens you up to unlimited potentials and possibilities. The good news is those top growing occupations are not clustered in a particular sector. They are quite diverse and spread out, which means you can easily select opportunities based on your interests, background and professional goals.

Some of the fastest-growing occupations are highly creative, while others are highly technical. Some are reflective and interpersonal, while others are hands-on. You can locate opportunities in sectors like information technology, health care, skilled trades and business services. So it is possible you keep true to yourself and still choose a career or field that is full of potentials.

This article thus seeks to enlighten you on the fastest-growing careers so that you can be inspired to take your job in a new direction-one that will undoubtedly lead to a future filled with success. Highlighted below are some of the fastest-growing careers:

1. Wind Turbine Technician:

When it comes to categorizing the growth rate of careers, the wind turbine is definitely at the top of the list. This is because the wind energy industry has gained popularity as the fastest growing alternative energy market. Based on findings, wind power in the United States grew by more than three hundred and fifty per cent from 2008 to 2019. In the year 2018 alone, this industry accounted for about 110,500 jobs throughout Puerto-Rico and America. The U.S Department of Energy estimated that installed wind capacity would increase by more than six hundred per cent from 2012 to 2015.

Now is a great time and opportunity for you to begin a career in this field by creating a greener world for future generations. Preparing to enter the wind energy sector is not as demanding and time-consuming as you might expect. Most academic and training programs can be completed in one to two years, and after that, you can begin to think of playing a lead role in the installation, maintenance and repairing of a wind turbine. The job growth rate of wind turbine engineer is 96%, and the average hourly pay is $28.08.

2. Nurse Practitioners:

Nurses play an increasingly vital role within the medical system, and that is why they are highlighted as one of the fastest-growing careers. Nurse practitioners are advanced, practised nurses (APRNs). They more often than not take on the responsibilities of doctors. Your responsibilities, if you decide to take on this career path could include: performing physical examinations, creating patients care plans, prescribing medications, ordering diagnostic tests and analyzing the results and consultation with other medical professionals regarding patient treatment plans.

Becoming a nurse practitioner requires a high level of experience and education. Most nurse practitioners commence in this field as registered nurses or licensed practical nurses. For you to get a license, you must have acquired or obtained a Masters or Doctorate. To earn an undergraduate degree or a Masters degree in nursing, you can visit JCU online. The job growth rate of nurse practitioners is 82%, and the average hourly income is $52.95.

3. Data Scientists

Data scientists used scientific, mathematical and statistical analysis to identify and solve a company’s problem. A data scientist requires critical thinking, strong analytical and problem-solving skills. They often hold degrees in areas related to computer science, mathematics, statistics and engineering. They help industries and companies achieve more productivity, efficiency and profitability.

It is regarded as one of the most flourishing fields because different industries value their services. From health care to manufacturing industries and business and information technology. Its growth rate is estimated at 45 per cent.

4. Occupational Therapy Assistant or AidE:

With the health care sector being one of the largest in the fastest growing industry in the nation, it doesn’t come as a shock that the industry could offer many opportunities. The occupational therapist leads the group of those opportunities and, this is majorly due to the fact that they help people maintain and improve their movement, which is critical amidst an ageing population. The work of an occupational therapist assistant or aide can help a patient or client to continue living at home instead of going into a health care facility. The job growth rate is about 32%, and their average hourly income is $29, and their educational requirement is a diploma or an associate degree.

5. Commercial Divers:

A commercial diver is one of the most adventurous and fascinating jobs, and it is also one of the fastest developing fields in America. As a commercial diver, there is every probability that you would always travel around the country and the world. You will get to work in locations that most Americans do not get to see and can only dream of. As a commercial diver, you will have work underwater to complete wielding repairs, retrieve underwater wreckage and complete task like building new construction.

There are two major types of divers: on-shore diver and offshore divers. Of the two, offshore divers are the most common, and they often work for oil and gas companies. Due to this fact, the states with the highest rate of employment are Texas, California and Florida. To get started, you need to complete a commercial diving program which takes roughly less than a year or have some experience with scuba diving.

In conclusion, these fields provide diverse opportunities for you to choose a career path from. Align yourself with any that will fulfil your professional goals.