Whether you are thinking about making use of a short-term or long-term storage solution, it is essential to keep your possessions from deteriorating. Therefore, you need to consider which storage Company can provide you with the best storage solutions for your needs.

When your furniture and belongings are properly prepared and stored, they can be safely kept in storage for months and even years.

5 Tips To Consider Before Making Use Of A Self-Storage Unit

1. Security at the Facility

Security is usually the top priority when you decide to make use of a storage facility, as you need to know whether your possessions will be safe and secure during the storage period.

Be on the look-out for certain security features at the facility:

  • Security cameras.
  • Fencing around the facility.
  • How well are the storage units built?
  • The type of locks on the units (can they easily be cut).
  • A code-locked gate at the entrance.
  • Sufficient lighting.
  • Surrounding neighborhood where the facility is located.

2. Cleanliness

Make sure you evaluate the cleanliness of the facility before you start renting. It is necessary to establish whether your belongings will be kept clean and in good condition. Make sure the unit is shielded from elements such as dirt, moisture, potential floods and rodents.

3. Climate Controlled

You need to ask yourself for how long you’ll be planning to store your items and are some of them heat or cold sensitive.

If you are not confident about whether you should be considering this option, then you can get in contact with a reputable storage company to assist you in making the right decision.

Items that may require a climate-sensitive storage solution:

  • Electronics.
  • Family heirlooms.
  • Vehicles.
  • Furniture.
  • Valuable art pieces such as paintings or photography.
  • Business or other important documentation.

4. After-Hour Access And Assistance

It is essential to know whether you’ll have access to your stuff all year-around. Some facilities may not be accessible during after-hours, and this can be very frustrating when you need to obtain something that is stored at the facility.

5. Self-storage Insurance

To add an extra layer of protection, some storage facilities have the option of self-storage insurance available. This might not be a deal-breaker when the facility meets with all the safety criteria, but it might be beneficial to see what the facility owner has on offer.


Storage facilities that provide removal services are very convenient. Their truck will arrive at your residence, and they will load the furniture and other belongings into the modules to be removed and stored at the storage facility. They can even provide the packing materials such as plastic covers and blankets where applicable.

When it comes to renting a storage facility, it is essential to choose a removal or storage facility that can provide you with peace of mind when storing your belongings for a short while or over a long period. This will save you headaches and precious time in future, and it will make the entire process a hassle-free and enjoyable one. Find a storage company that can provide you with options that work for you.