Your master bedroom is one of the most important areas at home. This is where you get to relax and de-stress after a tiring day at school or work. Regardless if you’re someone who wants to relax in a room full of scented candles or read books until the wee hours of the morning, you can do anything when you’re in your master bedroom.

To ensure that your master bedroom creates a calm ambiance for sleeping and any of your other hobbies, take note of the following decorating tips:

1. Treat Your Bed As The Room’s Focal Point

The bed is an essential part of any bedroom. Without it, a bedroom can’t really serve its purpose. How can you get a good night’s sleep if your master bedroom doesn’t have any bed? How can you relieve sore muscles and body pains if you don’t have a bed to lie on? Aside from its functionality, your bed can also become the room’s centerpiece.

After going through the best mattresses and finding one that perfectly fits your sleeping position and firm preferences, you should decide on how you’re going to decorate your bed. Depending on how large your master bedroom is, you can opt to build posts from each leg of your bed and decorate them with curtains, or hang several lights in it.

You can also try out the following decorating ideas to make your bed as the focal point of the room:

  • Choose a minimalist look: If you’re not a fan of curtains or lights, go ahead and expose all the four posts of your bedroom. This will give your bedroom a very industrial and minimalist look.
  • Use an anchor item: Headboards are common, but since this is your master bedroom, take it up a notch by pairing your headboard with a footboard. In a plain-colored bedroom, a headboard and footboard in bold patterns can surely make a statement.

2. Incorporate A Lounge Area

A master bedroom is for sleeping, but this doesn’t mean that the room should only have this purpose. If you still have enough floor space, consider incorporating a lounge area in your master bedroom. This is a great way of converting vacant space and improving your bedroom’s functionality.
Grab your vacuum cleaner, thoroughly clean one corner of your master bedroom, and place one or two seating furniture in this area. If you still have room for more, add a table and an ottoman.

This area can be the perfect corner to read a good book or catch up with a friend.

3. Add Plants

Although uncommon to some, plants can function as décor pieces in any master bedroom. Aside from adding a pop of color and texture, indoor plants can filter pollutants in the air and improve the air quality of the room.

With the number of indoor plants available today, pick one that has maintenance requirements suitable to your lifestyle and schedule. Choosing an indoor plant that requires daily watering when you’re only available during the weekends isn’t ideal. This mismatch will only shorten the lifespan of the plant.

4. Choose A Light Palette

As mentioned, your master bedroom should be a place to relax. Whenever you have a stressful day at work, you’ll usually look forward to ending the day in a relaxing and calm bedroom. However, if the walls of your master bedroom come in loud colors, it’ll be challenging to rest and doze off.

Different colors have different effects on a person’s mood. Painting your master bedroom in loud colors of red, for example, will only evoke intense emotions. The color red is known to trigger feelings of aggression and anger. These emotions are the complete opposite of what you want to do in your bedroom.

For your master bedroom to look and feel relaxed, opt to use a light palette. Swap any loud colors for soft whites, grays, or tans. These colors can create a serene and calm space, making it easy for you to relax.

5. Invest In Artwork

For smaller master bedrooms, hanging art on the wall can be an excellent idea to improve the overall look of the area without taking up valuable floor space.

When choosing artwork for your master bedroom, opt for larger-scale pieces, and make sure to hang these at eye level. The art should contain soothing colors and hues, such as pastels and neutrals. You can also invest in artworks that reflect your personality as a photographer or artist.

When deciding where these artworks should go in your master bedroom, pick the wall directly over the bed. If your headboard is too big for the art, use the wall adjacent to the location of your bed.

Consistency Is Key

The key to maintaining a well-decorated master bedroom is to practice consistency. After decorating your master bedroom, you must keep all of your valuables in their designated storage areas to avoid clutter. Regularly cleaning the area should also be part of your routine.

The more consistent you are, the longer you can enjoy a well-decorated and relaxing master bedroom.