Having made the decision to use pet costumes, we must take into account other details. Some that inevitably seek the welfare of the animal. And not only because you can feel more or less comfortable with the clothes. We also talk about security. A subject that usually goes unnoticed and that, nevertheless, is fundamental. For this reason, pet costumes should be something super punctual. Or, which is the same, reduced to a single day and even a few hours. Although it is hard to believe, that is also a maxim for our animal to be safe.

Therefore, we will see some decisive aspects when choosing costumes for pets. Some that we can not ignore in any case or time.

  1. The type of fabric, the key to your well-being

As we said before, animals do not usually need shelter from the cold except in certain cases. Both their body and their coat allow them to regulate their body temperature. Therefore, we cannot forget that using pet costumes will cause added heat to your body. Something that we cannot neglect even in the winter months. It is better not to have to ask ourselves how to identify a heat stroke because, although we think it only happens in summer, we are wrong. Of course, costumes for pets that can raise their temperature are completely discarded for the summer months. The safety of our animal first of all.

For this reason, pet costumes should always be in comfortable fabrics that do not add too much heat. Wool and all textiles that can produce lint are also discarded. It is easy to get them in the eyes or nose and be extremely annoying to them or you can check some suitable samples Hogtown Mascots.

  1. Designs that do not imprison your body, an essential aspect of pet costumes

Fundamental. If we decide to use costumes for pets, these will have to be baggy. On the one hand, because it will be easier for them to get used to wearing them. On the other, because it is essential that their presence does not hinder the natural movements of our animal. And finally, because opting for this type of pet costumes will avoid suffocation shocks or breathing difficulties. If this is important, it is more another aspect intimately related to the previous advice. Loose clothes will give less heat to our animal.

Added, it is advisable to opt for disguises for simple pets that follow the maxim of “the less, the better” . Sometimes, a simple hat or a bow tie may be enough. If we want to go a step further, let us not lose sight of our choice to be measured.

  1. Assess the security of the disguise

Before using a costume, it is essential to check how safe it is for our pet. So we have to avoid those that have brooches, clasps, buttons, ties or even plastic eyes. Keep in mind that removing them from the equation will save us scares. Animals share a virtue with children: not understanding to what extent something harmless can be extremely dangerous for them.

Therefore, if the costume you have chosen has any of these elements, you will have to be very aware of your animal. If you try to take it away or bite it, it’s time to remove it.

  1. Test pet costumes before the big day

Highly recommended. If before the celebration in question we tried the pet costumes, our animal will thank us. Not only can you become familiar with the garment. In addition, we can evaluate if you are comfortable with it or not. And not only that. This preliminary test will allow us to know if the costume is warm. A good way to test if it is the right one or if, on the contrary, we should rule out putting it on.

And, to improve your experience with this moment, nothing like finishing our experiment by rewarding you. And we’re not just talking about using prizes for dogs. We also refer to a good session of mimes and company. A great way to comfort and make you feel, if you need it, that wearing a costume can have a reward.

  1. Pay close attention to the day of the party

That day, to the disguises for dogs, are added to many other factors that can increase nervousness. Gentle, music, too many caresses for those who are little lovers of strange people … there are many details that can transform something festive in a bad time for our animal. For this reason, the ideal is not to lose sight of him during the celebration. Nobody like us to know if our pet is good or if, on the contrary, is having a bad time.