Coping with a move is, as a rule, overwhelming and stressful. When it comes to moving all your belongings from one house to another, they become a huge problem and we do not know where to start.
Take a deep breath. If you follow these five simple steps of organization it will be easier to undertake this adventure, and you will know from how to load the moving truck to how to face the inevitable moments of crisis throughout.

Long-distance transfers are not exactly economic. So before starting to pack your belongings, it is advisable to make sure that you are going to get the most out of the space of the moving truck. If you are going to hire professional movers than Edmonton Movers can help you. These are the three essential steps when saving your home in boxes:

  • Before packaging, clean up

Before packing, Get rid of everything you no longer like or do not want. It does not make any sense that you take unnecessary things, space they occupy in the truck is money!

  • Do not empty certain drawers

Leave all clothes or heavy objects inside the drawers and just protect the furniture. This makes them more heavier but as long as the drawers are filled with lightweight items, there will be no problem. In any case, if they weigh too much, you can always transport the drawers separately. This decision has a double advantage: you will need many fewer boxes and, once you are in the new home, everything you have inside will be easier to locate.

  • Store soft items in trash bags

Unglamorous? Definitely. But it is one of the best ideas during a move. Fill heavy garbage bags with soft items such as quilts, pillows, stuffed animals, etc. and use them to fill gaps in the truck. In this way, space is saved and, in turn, other items and furniture are protected. So that the contents of the bags are also protected, use insulating tape to seal them. Finally, record the content of each one with adhesive labels and a permanent marker.

  • Paint before moving

If you have decided to give your new space a layer of paint, do not hesitate, do it before placing all your things. Most obvious reason is that it is easier to paint an empty house than one full of furniture. Another important reason to do so is the satisfaction of eliminating this task as soon as possible from the agenda. Also, if there are other tasks of this style in your list (change floors, for example), try to carry it out before moving. You will save time, discomfort and effort once you have moved.

  • Find out before hiring services for your new home

Depending on where your future home is located, there will be more or fewer options for service providers, such as the telephone line or the internet. If you have multiple options, take the time you need to ask and inform yourself before committing to one of them, since it is possible that the company which offered such a good service in your old residence does not have the best infrastructure in your new area. It can also happen that the area where you are going to live has a worse mobile phone coverage and you see yourself in the situation of having to hire a landline, although in the old house you will be perfectly satisfied with just a mobile phone.