You have probably heard about people who are opting to buy a tiny house instead of a traditional house. There are many reasons for this. A tiny house is affordable. People can buy land in an area that they love and build their tiny house which will not require 30 years of mortgage payments. Some people move into a tiny house as their way to give back to the community. It is a fact that land is not going to grow. Living modestly saves power, space, and money and leaves a much smaller footprint on the planet.

Understated Charm

Somewhere along the line, we decided that bigger is better. We wanted bigger cars, bigger houses, and much bigger salaries. But, we are re-thinking that now. Many of us would rather have a small home on a lovely plot of land than a big house with no yard. Cottages may be short on space, but they are large on style.

We are going to challenge you today to reach into the corners of your mind and remember when something small and delicate caught your eye. Maybe it was a crystal or a butterfly. Whatever it is, it did capture your attention.

It is that eye for beauty that you already have that will help you to design the available space in a tiny room.

1. Kitchen-Cabinets

When it comes to your small kitchen, you have to take advantage of every inch. You can start this by buying RTA cabinets. RTA stands for “ready to assemble.” They are premeasured and cut. Placing the cabinets allows you to utilize space, like the area between your cabinet and refrigerator. That small space will hold a pull-out cooking utensil holder. This keeps your large spoons and knives out of sight and easily accessible. RTA Cabinets are beautiful, well constructed and look good in any kitchen. Check out these RTA cabinet reviews and see what others are saying.

Just because the room is small, do not skimp on the charm. Granite or marble countertops, a lovely vent cover, and pretty floors make this little room a classic.

2. Look up

We decorate our room with color choices, texture, and light. These concepts are not exclusive to the owners of large homes. We assume they are the same because we are using the same elements but on a different theme. The same elements are needed to make a large room more compact and a small room more expansive.

Hang your drapes high above where the window is. Let the material flow to the floor. This will make the room look tall. We assume you are painting the walls light colors to make them look bigger. Use a rich color for the drapes. If you use shades, use shades the colors of the walls or within a few shades, Buy roll-up blinds made of bamboo.

3. Dividers

Most small homes have open floor plans. Adding walls makes the room look smaller, and they are also confining. Instead, install a sliding room divider. Leave the decorative divider open until you need privacy. When you do pull the divider together, it is a beautiful touch to any room.

4. Wall groupings and art

In a traditional home, we place out wall art at eye level. But, in a room you are trying to give the illusion of space, hang your decor higher. Just like the drapes, it pulls your eye up. Place silk trees in the corners. Use tall candles on the mantel or tables.

5. Light

Every house looks better and bigger when the rooms are flooded in natural light. To take advantage of this natural accommodation, place mirrors across from the light source. Mirrors and windows help with the look of space alone, but together they are a major wow factor.

Use your own talents to try different styles. Mix patterns and textures. Try light colors versus dark. Find what works for you. Your home may be small, but it will be lovely and charming.