Making the plunge from a 9-5 to an online business can be one of the toughest moves anyone can make. With employment, you are guaranteed a paycheck at the end of every month or even bi-weekly, but with an online business, you may lack profits for the first few months. If you own a business, you only get returns if you generate revenue, which means that your business will give you exactly what you put into it. You can eliminate the apprehension of not knowing what you will get from your business easily with a comprehensive free guide plus these few pointers:

Start every day with an activity geared at generating income

Working for yourself means that you may not have anyone to be accountable to, which may often lead to loss of track. If you own an online business, you cannot afford to start the day by scrolling through your timeline every morning. Instead, be intentional rather than reactive and start doing things that can improve your business. Respond to emails, leads, and posts that can improve your business. Create a new sales post, come up with a new idea, or send a warm or cold pitch. Being online means that there are many channels on which you can improve your business, and starting with them from the beginning of your day is a sure way to get some income rolling in every day.

Aim to increase the value of every client’s purchase

When the economy is down, getting clients may prove to be an uphill task, which is why you should increase the dollar value of every transaction. This essentially entails getting the few clients that come by to have a higher-value transaction. What products can you encourage the client to buy in larger quantities or come back for more? You can use simple offers such as discounts and free shipping for products above a certain value.

Reduces your fixed overheads

Having your business on the internet means no rent, utilities, plus many other costs that brick and mortar businesses contend with. However, you can still find ways to reduce that monthly fee for web hosting, transaction fees, internet costs, and other items that can consume your income. Constantly look out for lower-cost deals that still deliver quality for your business.

Business promotion

Product promotion is essential for an online business as you are probably competing with dozens of worthy businesses for your clientele’s attention. Come up with a comprehensive promotion plan that will guide you to promote every product or service and improve your corporate image. You can use a software application or a simple document. As you create this calendar, pay attention to specific times of the year, such as holidays, seasons, and random events related to your niche. Before any month rolls up, ensure that you know what product is up for marketing and what avenues and content you will use.

Reduce the time taken to design your products

If you offer sophisticated products such as software applications or specialty equipment, you can make your business more profitable by cutting the time it takes to design them. Reducing the design cycle time by half can help you release up to three times more volume in half the time, thus increasing your chances of income streaming in often.


Entrepreneurship can be a financial roller coaster, but you can take steps to reduce the intensity of the ups and downs. The fact that your business is online means that there are many avenues you can use to make your income more consistent, and the tips above should guide you.