For small business owners, each asset is crucial and valuable. From computers and printers to the smallest ones such as mobile phones, staplers, and scissors, all these items were bought with their hard-earned money. As such, losing them to theft is something that would be hard for entrepreneurs.

Additionally, since the equipment, furniture, and supplies are limited in small companies, their unexpected loss can cause operations to come to a standstill. If the business does not have property insurance, replacing them may take some time. This means further disruption in the workflow and productivity of employees.

Because of these reasons, taking preemptive measures to safeguard your physical assets against theft is a must once you start your business.

Asset Protection Technology

Investing in technology that will protect your assets from theft will be a wise move on your part, whether you have a new or established business. With these measures in place, you will avoid losing valuable company belongings that are crucial to the operations of your company.

Below are the different types of asset protection technology that will prevent theft and intrusion from happening on your business premises:

Video Surveillance System

When you think of protecting your business premises and assets from theft, you will automatically think of getting a video surveillance system.

A CCTV or security camera system is an effective deterrent since it tells potential thieves that they will be watched once they enter your premises. The recorded footage will help authorities arrest them and recover all the stolen items.

To get the most from this type of security system, try to invest in high-resolution cameras. Make sure they are strategically placed to cover as much ground as possible. They should be installed in the entrance and exit and entrances of your facility or office to maximize asset protection.

If you have cash and other expensive items such as antiques, rare vases, etc. in your office or shop, install a camera in their location or storage area as well.

Alarm System

If you want the full works, consider investing in a complete commercial security package that includes has video surveillance, motion detection, and an alarm system.

Modern alarm systems produce loud warning sounds and flashing lights when a motion detector sensor is set off. These two can force intruders to flee and forsake their plans for fear of getting caught.

Additionally, with prior arrangement, your system will send security alerts to law enforcement or monitoring agencies. When they get a warning or signal, they will send a response team immediately to your business premises.

Motion detection and alarm systems are particularly useful when your office or facility is in a remote or restricted area.

Asset Tagging and Tracking

Whether you want to protect your assets from intruders or ill-intentioned employees, investing in tagging and tracking solutions is a good way to start.

When you purchase asset tracking software, you can attach labels or ties to all your valuable items. These tags come with QR (quick response) labels which can be tracked by GPS or GSM technology.

When employees or others in the workplace know that all assets are tagged, they will hesitate to steal since they know the company can track them. Even if burglars manage to take some items, your asset tracking software will allow you to trace and find them. Aside from getting the chance to recover, you can bring the criminals to justice.

Another benefit that comes with investing in an asset tagging and tracking system that you can use it for collecting data and automating documentation for maintenance and repairs of all your movable, physical properties.

Smart Door Locks

Keyless entry systems are also effective burglary deterrents. Doors will be impossible to open without a key card, an accepted fingerprint or retina scan, or the right password.

Another benefit of these types of systems is that keycards or passwords can be centrally controlled and monitored. Additionally, they are more convenient and stronger than traditional locks and keys.

If you shop around, you will find inexpensive good-quality keyless locks and deadbolts that will give your office or facilities years of service and protection.

Vehicle Immobilizers

Also known as engine immobilizers, this piece of technology is an electronic security device that makes it impossible to move vehicles or machines without the given or authorized key. This type of technology is the best solution if you store or leave your expensive heavy machinery or vehicles in open spaces.

Most modern heavy equipment and vehicles come with built-in engine immobilizers. Check the manufacturer or owner’s manual if this technology is already embedded in your moveable assets. If they are not equipped with this technology, you will have to invest in a retrofitting service.

If you will have your machines and vehicles fitted with immobilizers, find out if you can control the device remotely through an app and your mobile device. With this feature, you can turn off the engine as long as it is within distance. You will be able to track it as well.
Additional Tips

Aside from investing in technology, there are other non-tech ways to protect your assets and premises from theft.

These include:

Physically securing valuables

To prevent thieves from running off with your computers, laptops, printers, and other expensive equipment, place brackets and attach them to desks or tables. Some locks also tether these items to desks or counters. Whatever option you choose, these features will make it impossible for intruders to remove them from their location.

Get a good-quality safe

A safe your last line of protection against thieves. By placing cash and other small, valuable items, including important documents, in a strongbox, you will make it harder and even impossible for burglars to access them.

Conduct regular security training

Giving your team security training will help quell the bad intentions of some workers. If you highlight the fact that you have zero tolerance for employee theft, this will dissuade them from taking things from your company.

During these training programs, instill in your workers the importance of correctly using the security systems on your premises. Additionally, remind them to be vigilant .Give them instructions on the right actions to take if they encounter a possible thief during their shift or suspect someone has plans for breaking in the office or facility.

Although these pieces of asset protection technology will require a substantial amount of investment, particularly if you purchase more than one, your outlay will be worth it since you may end up spending more to replace them. More importantly, the peace of mind you will enjoy from having these systems in place will be more valuable and even irreplaceable.


Mohammad Daudi is the Chief Revenue Officer at SGE Group International, a multidisciplinary group of companies with core business interests in Asset Lifecycle Management, Land Development, and Software. Aladdin is SGE’s proprietary Asset Lifecycle Management software, designed to empower FM, Maintenance and Asset teams across multiple industry sectors.