Traveling is often the reason that many people life and work extremely hard. There is nothing more rewarding that ending the work year with a nice vacation.

Naturally, vacations are all about relaxation. Therefore, no one wants to be bothered with stressful activities. For some people, packing can be a very stressful activity. Many people who love to travel absolutely detest packing.

But what if I told you that packing no long has to bring you stress. That’s right! In this article, we will provide you with 5 packing tips that will make your travel smooth and stress free.

5 Packing Tips for Smooth Travels

Packing Tips for Smooth Travels
Packing can be a tedious task if you don’t have guidance. However, once you learn the right way to pack; you will no longer have trouble. Here are our suggestions:

Make a packing list

Packing list
A packing list is the best way to start packing. In everyday life organization is key to completing a task without stress. Hence, it makes sense that creating a packing list will help you to get through packing easily.

A great way to go about your list is by creating categories. Categories can be based on what goes in each type of luggage; personal luggage, carry-on luggage, checked luggage. Another way could be based on the items you wish to carry; clothes, toiletries, entertainment, essentials, documents, medicine and other.

Whichever way you decide to create your packing list, you will be at an advantage. Don’t over think it, just do it according to your preference.

Know your airlines Baggage Policies

Know your airlines Baggage Policies
The absolute worst thing that can happen is going to the airport with baggage that is over-weight. This can be avoided by knowing your airline’s policies and sticking to it.

Most airlines will offer you a 25lbs carry-on bag with 1 personal item (laptop bag or purse). All other baggage must be paid for and must comply to the weight restrictions (Usually 50lbs).

So, after booking your trip ensure that you read the baggage section on your ticket.

Use Packing Aids

Packing for travell
Packing is best done with use of packing aids. These are items that were created to ease your travel worries and allow you to have more packing space. Packing aids are a travel essential.

Some examples of packing aids are:

  • Ziplock bags, this can be used for electronic items and toiletries
  • Scented Clothes Liners- this can be used to keep your luggage smelling fresh and clean
  • Luggage scale – Weighing your luggage beforehand will prevent baggage overweight
  • Packing cubes- Packing cubes uses are wide spread; they can be used to organize your luggage as well as give you extra space.

Roll Your Clothes, do not Fold

Roll Your Clothes, do not Fold
This is oldest trick in the book and one of the most useful. When you roll your clothes, they take up less space. In addition to that, you avoid deep wrinkles that come from folded lines or creases.

Use your personal Luggage Wisely

Use your personal Luggage Wisely
Your personal luggage should be used for well needed items such as electronics, carry-on size toiletries, medicine, documents, keys and other important items.

Never crow your personal luggage as this will cause stress when you need to reach for something important. Also, you should never put these personal items in your checked bag.


Once these five packing tips are employed correctly, your trip will go very smooth. Don’t overstress packing, it is vacation time. Now, there are many more packing tips that can save you stress. Feel free to leave your favorite tips and tricks in the comments section below.