If you love to whip up different meals in the kitchen (raises hand), then you’d know that the appliances you invest in can make a difference… a huge one. Look at it this way, kitchen appliances are your little helping hands in making cooking not only easier but much quicker as well.

I personally love to invest in high quality, convenient and durable kitchen appliances because who doesn’t love gadgets to do most of the work, right? After a long day, having a rice cooker for example to help me make some amazing and fluffy rice doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, I love it.

Why appliances are important

The kitchen is almost like my sanctuary and that’s where I do a lot of my experimenting. It’s also the same place that can be a little daunting to enter especially after a long day’s work. Now I don’t know about you, but standing in the kitchen for hours is really the last thing on my mind considering my busy schedule, and often times fatigue from a hectic weekday.
Once I began investing in kitchen appliances a.k.a helping hands, I really saw a massive difference in not only how long I stayed in the kitchen, but the quality of my food too. Here are some reasons why I’m absolutely obsessed with helpful appliances… as you probably are too.

  • Shorter time in the kitchen
  • Convenient for everyday use
  • Improves the quality of your cooking
  • Comes in handy for days you’d rather be taking a mini nap
  • Cooks meals faster and fresher

#1. Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are one word… amazing! I absolutely love to use rice cookers in the kitchen because they ensure I get the fluffiest rice every time I use it. Plus, for anybody who isn’t the biggest fan of manually making rice, then you’d know that investing in a rice cooker reduces worries about sticky or overly dried grains. Also you can invest in the Japanese rice cooker as it’s a most popular cooker.

The great thing about a rice cooker is that it doesn’t require too much effort from your part. All you’d have to do is wash the rice, add some salt and oil and you’re good to go. Within 30-40 minutes, your rice will be ready for serving. And, guess what? You don’t need to check up on it all too often.

#2. Food Processor

Whether you’d like to blend some food together or even chop or slice ingredients, then having a food processor can make things a whole lot easier for you. Without a food processor, you’d have no choice but to prep all your ingredients manually… which can be a tough task sometimes.

The secret is really in ensuring you get a high quality and durable processor. It’s just as important to consider how well the food processor works. Not all processors work the same – some aren’t as precise in mixing or chopping while others are better at slicing. So, depending on your kitchen needs will determine what kind of food processor you’d need to invest in.

#3. Blender

Blenders are my go-to for several reasons: they’re convenient and versatile in using for limitless reasons in the kitchen. Besides making some delicious smoothies, I also love to use blenders to puree my food which gives this impressive smooth consistency I love.

If you’re a fan of smoothies, then I know you probably understand how important blenders are in the kitchen – it really does make all the difference. It’s also a plus that this appliance is multi-functional and comes in handy for just about anything in the kitchen.

#4. Electric Deep Fryer

Electric deep fryers are fantastic at frying crunchy and juicy meals in as little time. Whenever I use a deep fryer, I’m always impressed at how delicious my food always turns out. Can you imagine frying up shrimp or even traditional french fries in the comfort of your own home?

It really doesn’t just end there. Most electric deep fryers are multi-functional and can boil and steam food as well. That means you’d have yourself a versatile appliance you can use for a variety of cooking. Talk about value for your money! If you want to learn how long to deep fry pork chops, read this article.

#5. Pressure Cooker

You don’t have to be the world’s best cook to own a pressure cooker. It not only takes the pressure of cooking food from scratch, but it also improves how fresh and quick your food is made. What I love about pressure cookers is the versatility and user-friendliness when it comes to using it. Since these cookers are different from using a pot and stove, they typically take a shorter period of time to cook, and they reduce hours in the kitchen.

Depending on what you’d like to cook, pressure cookers can do just about anything you’d like them to do. You also get different types of pressure cookers: electric, stove tops etc and this seemingly small distinction does make a huge difference in the kitchen.

Most pressure cookers are relatively affordable and easy to use.


Kitchen appliances are a must if you want to get the most out of your time in the kitchen… and make some amazing dishes while at it. Whether it’s a rice cooker or perhaps an electric deep fryer you’d like to invest in, these appliances come in handy in helping you reduce the hours in the kitchen, and always make delicious meals with half the effort.

About Author

Rachel Mukando is a certified Health Coach who coaches people to reach their health and wellness goals. She loves to find the best deals for the home which gives a helping hand for anyone living a busy lifestyle. When she has free time, Rachel loves to cook, film and travel the world to experience life outside the norm.