There is hardly any person that does not like to travel. Seeing new places and exploring territories is always thrilling and inspirational. However, while most people prefer to stay at comfortable hotels, some are desperately looking for adventure. For those who cannot imagine themselves living in an ordinary hotel room, we present this list of the 5 most unusual hotels in the world.

Faralda Crane Hotel – Amsterdam

This hotel is located in a rather unusual place – a former construction crane in Amsterdam port. This 50-meter high crane was built in 1967, but soon after it began to crumble and its owners made a decision to take it down. This is when Dutch architects stepped in and turned this crane into one of the most unusual hotels in the world. Faralda Crane offers its visitors tree lux apartments – at 30, 40, and 45 meters height. Every room has a unique design and all necessary accommodations including air conditioning, Wi-Fi, free mini-bar, and a big bath. From each room visitors can enjoy a magnificent city view. Due to the fact that crane cabin can rotate, the view can be changed if visitors ask for it.

Poseidon Undersea Resorts – Fiji islands

If previous hotel was located up high from the ground, this one can be found underwater. Quite unusual, isn’t it? Located near Fiji, on Poseidon Island, this hotel offers 25 comfortable suits for most demanding travelers. One of these rooms is a stylized Captain Nemo’s boat replica. All other hotel rooms are made in a shape of little submarines that can float in case of an emergency. The most amazing thing about these rooms though is that you can observe the underwater world just by clicking on a button. This button turns on a light that attracts all fish that lives there. This hotel is quite well-known by its unusual features so almost every tour operator website builder uses its pictures for their website’s front page.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Finland

If you choose to stay at this hotel, you can pick one of 40 luxurious cottages, 20 glass igloo, wooden or ice-made houses. The place also owns the biggest sauna in the world where you can relax like at any other. In the free time, you can stare at the sky through the roof of your igloo or try some typical for those places winter activities like sled dog racing or deer safari. Do not forget to see Northern Lights while you are there!

Ariau Amazon Towers – Brazil

This 3-star hotel allows you to live on a top of a tree in the heart of Brazilian jungle woods. Near the hotel, you can see the magnificent Rio Negro river, the world’s largest black river. The highest room of this hotel, the ‘Tarsan’s House’ is located at the height or 28 meters above the ground. The whole place consists of 8 towers reinforced by tropical trees. To get from one tower to another you have to walk one of many thin wooden bridges that connect different parts of the hotel together. While you are staying there, make sure you experience one of the best local attractions – swimming with pink dolphins. Be sure, this place is just as close to nature as it gets.

Skylodge Adventure Suites – Peru

In the beginning of the year, Forbs has recommended to visit Skylodge Adventure Suits in Sacred Valley, Peru, and we definitely want to join this advice.To get at this hotel you will have to climb a mountain – no less! Located on a sheer cliff, this hotel looks like three glass pods and offers its services to the bravest tourists. But do not worry, you are not required to be a professional alpinist. You will receive a short set of instructions and all the necessary equipment before actually getting there. From your pod, you can enjoy beautiful mountain sky and simply have the time of your life. Especially for those climate conditions, pods were made out of polycarbonate and aluminum. This way the weather will not affect your stay.


So these are the 5 most unique and unusual hotels in the world. Staying in at least one of them can sure be counted as a little adventure on its own. We hope that you will find among these the one, that you like the most and spend the best vacation at it!