San Francisco is one of the most densely populated US states with over 17,000 people per square mile. If you’re planning to move to this city of opportunities, make sure to read this post till the end to understand the challenges you may not want to face while moving to San Francisco. Also, be certain to acquire professional assistance from the best SF movers to know more about any possible difficulty you might face when moving to your dream city.

It’s Very Expensive

As far as renting or buying housing in San Francisco is concerned, let me warn you, the prices are insane. In fact, if you look at the average price for a single bed apartment, you’ll find that the prices in SF are the highest in the country. This is the biggest reason people migrating from smaller states exhibit reluctance when moving to SF. In addition to that, the overall cost of living including food, taxes and other expenses, are comparatively higher too. If you’re working in the Bay Area, you might be able to cope with the expenses. However, it would be extremely difficult for you to handle the cost of living if you’re solely relying on savings and/or are unemployed.

Traffic is Miserable

San Francisco is one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the US. This is perhaps the biggest reason the traffic inside the city is ferociously bad. It is highly recommended that you avoid driving on highways especially during peak hours. It would be great if you avoid using a car during work hours at all if possible. Noticeably, you can also save a huge amount that you’d normally spend on fuel, parking fees and insurance, and divert those savings on rent and housing. Luckily, most tech giants situated in Silicon Valley offer bus shuttle services for their employees, meaning you won’t require a personal vehicle if you’re working in one of those companies.

Crime Rate is High

There is a side of San Francisco that can be quietly glossed over, such as there are areas that you will be advised to avoid because of the high crime rate. Sadly, most of these crimes occur in the Tenderloin and Civic Center are, which are situated in the middle of the city – commonly referred to as ‘downtown’. San Francisco’s most popular areas, Market Street and Union Square also border these areas. Noticeably, these two areas are known for having lots of startups and organizations. You may well need to confront many snatchers and robbers who will stand you up for cash when you’re going to work or go out shopping. Apart from criminals, you might need to face some drug addicts too – who’re generally harmless and tend to be nuisances more than anything, nevertheless, stay vigilant.


Well, as far as the weather of San Francisco is concerned, it can either be a pro or con for you depending on what you’re used to. For instance, if you’re used to the warm and sunny climate of California, you’ll find San Francisco very cold. Similarly, if you have moved from a place where the weather is already cold, you’ll find San Francisco pleasant and rainy. The climate generally remains foggy and you have to keep a jacket with you to avoid any sudden rain fall or weather changes.
Public School System is Terrible

The public school system in SF has been terrible from the past 4 decades. In fact, the registration has decreased by roughly 40% even though the city’s population increased by roughly 100,000. The major reason behind this decline is possibly the sky-rocketing living costs in the city, which has forced middle class families to move to suburbs and neighborhoods which are relatively less expensive, however, have poor public-school system. As the city’s population became well-off, parents prefer to send their children to the private schools instead. Studies suggest that over 30% of the San Francisco’s school-going children are now part of the private schooling system.


Well, if you have lived in the suburbs your entire life, moving to the main city of San Francisco would be truly exciting for you. But, along with the exciting changes come side effects, living in SF will bring lots of challenges and difficulties.

If you love beautiful, sky-high buildings – you won’t be able to live in one! Due to the insanely high rental prices. Similarly, if you adore the exciting city buzz, be ready to hear homeless people shouting and making noise during the night. If you wanted to move to SF to experience the amazing night life and food scene the city has in store, you will be terrified by the prices as everything is twice the price you’re used to.

San Francisco is definitely an expensive city. However, the perks of living in SF are endless too. Just make sure you land the perfect job before shifting here so that you can conveniently avoid all the above-listed hurdles and can have the quality of life you’ve wished to have for so long.