Whether you stay at home throughout, work outside town or own multiple apartments, you need to give the attention to your house to ensure everything is safe. With the fleeting economy and rapid increase in robbery and homicides, you likely to exhaust your brain thinking, which is the most affordable security system that performs equally well as the billionaires’ security systems to install in your home.

It is needless to turn the market inside out looking for these products while this article describes in detail the five most affordable security systems that need neither a technician nor installation fee. Most of them have more than three monitoring plans and are easy to repair.

1. Ring security cameras

Ring doorbells are famous for their video doorbells and cameras that help the homeowner identify who is at the door before answering the door. You can monitor ring doorbells on your own or opt for professional monitoring for a better experience. Ring security Cameras has of late incorporated new technology improvements into their security cameras, and the new Ring has advanced features than the original ring doorbell. Depending on your budget, you may want to weigh between Ring vs Ring 2 video doorbells.

2. Simplisafe home security

This is a cheap, secure installation security system that comes with three security options, i.e., motion sensors, essential fob control, and video watching. It has a monitoring plan that is bought as a different package. You can choose between mobile alerts, camera recording, and environmental monitoring from the separate program. If at some point, you feel overwhelmed or are still new to the system, you can opt for professional control, which goes for as low as $14 per month.

3. Front point Home Security

This special one, apart from respecting your budget, has qualified customer service that will provide you with comprehensive installation steps and ensure everything is successful by frequently contacting you to know how you’re progressing and if you may need assistance. It has six packages, also bought separately. They include quality security Cameras, smart home devices, environmental trackers, motion sensors, and optional professional monitoring that starts from $35 every month. However, there’s no permanent contract involved in this, allowing you to shift to a different plan anytime.

4. Link interactive home security

There’s no fear of losing money to a poor device that breaks down within a few months if you choose Link Interactive. The security system has three years warranty. Within that period, you can either ask for refunds if the operation failed or request for another one to replace it. It has three payable plans; standard, gold, and elite plans. The cost of the plans ranges from between $40 and $50 monthly but varies according to which plan you choose.

5. Life shield Security

If you’re not comfortable installing and doing repairs on your own, this one is for you. Life shield requires professional installation and monitoring that cost approximately $20 per month. (Only if you opt for professional control) Either way, you can monitor your home security on your own using mobile apps that it comes with, among the other three packages.


Before buying any home security device, always put into consideration your budget, monitoring plan, a cellular connection, and research if there’s an advanced option like the Ring vs Ring 2 video doorbells mentioned above. It is best to go for a reliable choice.