Indeed, there’s great pleasure in creating from scratch an item that can help turn your home into a more beautiful and functional space. First, you can be certain that your creation is unique. Second, it’s sure to accurately meet your specific requirements. And third, once you get into the habit of doing things yourself for your home, you’ll become self-sufficient and save more money.

Fortunately, do-it-yourself is a global trend. This is all thanks to the accessibility of materials. So, if you wish to refresh the look of your home interior with fabric, it’s no longer that difficult to find a store where you can buy what you need in the design you like, cut and ready to use. And speaking of DIY projects using fabrics, listed below are five that can elevate the look and function of your abode.

1. Floor cover

A magazine editor and now space designer from Shanghai cleverly used different colors and designs of thick upholstery fabric as a floor cover. The fabric did not only provide her home with rich hues and patterns, but it also improved indoor acoustics and made her home cozier.

She likewise adds that when used as floor cover, upholstery fabric from online suppliers in India has made her home a more dynamic space. With the varying elevations in her home, her fabric-covered floors create an inviting yet elegant seating area, a small stage for musical performances or poetry reading, and even a lush runway for fashion shows.

The installation of upholstery fabric as a floor cover is easy. Just spray your floors with adhesive, lay down the fabric, tuck edges neatly with spray adhesive, and you’re done.

2. Headboard cover

If your bed’s headboard cover is already starting to look a little gnarly, you can easily upgrade its appearance by creating a headboard cover. THis requires basic sewing skills. Just measure your headboard and cut an appropriate foldable size of sturdy fabric for it.

Hem the bottom edge of the fabric and then reverse it to sew the left and right edges for an easy pocket design. Reverse the material again to bring the right side out and slip the cover onto your headboard.

If you want a more luxurious looking headboard, you can line the fabric with batting and canvas. Sandwich the batting between the reversed upholstery fabric and canvas and sew them as one before folding the whole thing and stitching the left and right edges to achieve the pocket design.

3. Wall hangings

Wall hangings are another simple DIY project you can make in a single day if you have a collection of gorgeous patterned fabric. All you need are long wooden rods or dowels, twine, different designs of fabrics (Bora Bora fabric is fantastic if you want heavy wall hangings in neutral colors), scissors, and strong fabric glue.

Cut the fabric according to the size that you want; just make sure that its width is about four inches shorter than the dowel. Fold the rough edges of the fabric cleanly using glue, then create a long, horizontal loop, which you can slide the dowel into. Tie the twine on the two ends of the dowel, and your wall hanging is complete.

Wall hangings do not just add texture and color to rooms, but they are an excellent solution when you want to achieve the look of symmetry for your home interior.

4. Folding screens

Add a bit more privacy to certain areas of the house with folding screens. Typically, paper or some light fabric is used for the screens, but there’s no issue if you wish to use thick and tightly woven fabrics for better coverage.

There’s nothing much to creating folding screens if you already have the frame (you can buy a kit from home depots and hobby stores). You only need glue or a staple gun to attach the fabric to the frame.

5. Wall Panels

This is perhaps the easiest DIY home decor item to make because you only need decent wrapping skills to create fabric panels that you can hang on walls. You need square or rectangular wood frames in either similar or different sizes as well as fabrics in the same or complementing colors and patterns.

All you have to do is cover the wood frames with fabric, fold the edges neatly, and secure everything at the back using thumbtacks, a stapler, or fabric glue. Hang these panels on the wall for a pop of color, symmetry, and texture.

Fabrics are versatile materials that you can use in so many ways to improve your home. They have boundless potential in contributing to the creation of the lifestyle that you want. Consider taking the DIY route, experience the pleasure of creating something you want and need, and discover the exciting possibilities that a particular material offers.


James Prathap is one of the Directors of NGC Nafees, top importers and exporters of wallpapers, floorings and fabrics in India. The business also offers high-quality panoramics, coordinated fabrics, and creative stickers for residential and commercial projects.