Floors are an integral part of any home. And clean floors are the doorway to great first-impression. From ceramic tile floors to wood floors and vinyl floors, there is a lot of variety of floors available out there. You don’t need to kneel down and scrub off dirt from your floor to get a clean floor. Dancare Carpet Cleaning Inc. will help you with your cleaning needs. Also here are the 5 basic cleaning tips to get clean floors.

1. Use Neutral Floor Cleaners

Floor Cleaners
Investing on a neutral pH floor cleaner is a smart choice when it comes to floor cleaning. They have neutral pH which is safe to use for any floors. Use the brands that have less harmful chemicals and have a pleasant odor. These floor cleaners clean the dirt, and remove any smell as well as making the floor germ-free. A clean and germ-free floor keep away most of the infections and promote a healthy living atmosphere at your home.

2. Clean Carpet With Vacuum

Clean Carpet With Vacuum
If you have your floor covered by area rugs/carpets, then it’s less likely that your floors would get dirty. But, you need to clean your carpet at regular intervals to avoid having a pile of diet at the end of every month. Vacuum cleans are a great invention to all those obsessed with taking out that last single dust particle from the corner of your house. Cleaning the carpet using a vacuum cleaner would save you loads of time as well as effort. Plus, not a single dirt can stick around while the suction force is on!

3. Clean Dust Under Furniture

Clean Dust Under Furniture
The back and underside of the furniture accumulate dust with time if not cleaned every week. Dust off the dirt from under the furniture like from sofas, ottomans, chairs and coffee tables. Also, clean the storage furniture regularly and keep them pest-free. Use a dusting stick of mini-vacuum to have dust-free furniture.

4. Avoid Using Acidic Solutions

When it comes to germ-free solutions, acid might be on your to-use list, but avoid that as much as possible. Floor cleaners containing acid solutions may corrode the floor gradually with regular usage. Also, you need to be very careful while using it. It’s better to avoid acid cleaners and stick to neutral cleaners which go well for any floor.

5. Mop Up Spillages Asap!

It’s natural to have spillages round the clock in a house full of activities and children. For some, it might be stressful since they lead to stained floors. Thus, it is wise to mop up and clean spillages as soon as possible and save your time and energy. So, the next time you get a spill anywhere on the floor, drop everything and clean it up rather than scrubbing it later with your sweat.

A clean and tidy floor is far more appealing to the guests than a floor with a blanket of dust over it. Following these basic tips for cleaning your floor would leave you with less unnecessary efforts and more time to spend with your family and friends.