Choosing gifts for young teenagers can be a challenge. It’s hard to bridge that generational gap and figure out what’s cool with the kids— if they even say “cool” anymore.

Fortunately, the next generation is vocal about the things they want and need. Here are five awesome gift ideas for young teenagers.

RPG Gaming Equipment

In the technology-driven world, it may seem like traditional RPG games have fallen by the wayside. However, don’t underestimate the power of nostalgia. Like generations before them, this generation romanticizes the disconnected days of the past. Additionally, cultural phenomenons like Stranger Things and Riverdale have caused a resurgence in traditional RPG games.

Get the teen in your life set up with everything they need to play Dungeons & Dragons with a starter kit. Include an adventure book, character sheets, rule guide, and a unique dice set. Check this site for more info:

A Custom Pet Portrait

In an era where pets have their own Instagram and are viewed as valuable members of the family, you can’t go wrong with a pet-oriented gift. Consider the fact that many teens have grown up with their family pet, and don’t know life without them.

One of the best gifts you can get for a pet-loving teenager is a custom pet portrait of their best furry friend. Commission an acrylic painting of Fido playing in the park or have them and their pet turned into royalty in an oil painting. Check more offers at this URL:

USB Projector

With the various streaming services available, as well as tried-and-true favorites like YouTube, it’s possible to catch your favorite shows from anywhere. Help the teen in your life get their face out of their screen with a portable USB projector.

A mini projector will allow them to fall asleep to the sweet sight of Baby Yoda on their ceiling or create an at-home movie theater experience with friends. When shopping for a portable projector, do a bit of recon to ensure that the brand you choose is compatible with their phone or tablet.

New Age Record Player

As mentioned before, the nostalgia for days gone by is strong with the younger generation. This is why new age record players are such a hit. These devices are smaller and more streamlined than their predecessors, often with USB plugins and Bluetooth compatible speakers.

A record player is a gift that keeps on giving, as you can start adding records to their collection with subsequent gift-giving holidays. You can even enlist a service that will transform their favorite Spotify playlist into a record.

Portable and Wireless Chargers

The problem with everything being mobile and portable is that you need to plug in and recharge regularly. However, this creates a gift opportunity that makes your teen’s life more convenient.

Cordless charging is expected to replace USB chargers within the next ten years. Get a wireless charging pad now, and your teen will be ahead of the curve. You can also get a charging dock that plugs in without fragile USB cords. These devices can charge everything from phones to FitBits at the same time. Again, you’ll have to do some recon to ensure that the charging station you choose is compatible with their devices.

Finally, having a backup battery charger is a lifesaver for teens on the go. These practical gifts are great for when the low battery light starts flashing. That is, as long as they remember to charge it before leaving the house.

Any of these five awesome gift ideas for young teenagers are sure to please. You may be surprised that as an adult, you would love the items on this gift list too!