When you think about your skin and the various things that you can do to keep it healthy, it might be fair to say that sleep isn’t something that comes to mind first, second, third or even fourth. Sure, there are plenty of creams and serums available that claim to have a massive impact on your skin, but the truth is that one of the best things you can do to avoid outbreaks and irritations is to get those eight recommended hours of shut-eye per night. Think about this way; getting good sleep is one of the most satisfying things you can do in terms of skin health, and it’s completely free, some time a power nap also can work but you need to know how long is a power nap required, unlike many other products and procedures you might choose! Here are five amazing reasons to sleep for skin health.

Not Enough Sleep Worsens Existing Skin Conditions

When you are fatigued through lack of sleep, your skin is more susceptible to puffiness and inflammation, and this can lead to any existing skin issues being emphasized and accentuated due to your tiredness and lack of proper rest. Your lack of freshness not only reflects your groggy mental state, but it can also show in your skin.

Not Enough Sleep Makes Immune-Related Skin Problems Worse

Again, this increased inflammation within the body has the power to throw off the ability to properly regulate your immune system, and this can sometimes lead to people with immune related skin conditions like eczema having much worse experiences with their skin when they haven’t had much sleep the night before. It is an indicator of more inflammation generally in the body, it is just that your skin is the only visible organ to pick up on changes.

Not Enough Sleep Results in Less Beauty

We are all familiar with the dreaded under eye bags after having a big night out and not getting any sleep. If sleep patterns continue to be disturbed in such a way, it can start to have a really negative impact on the general beauty of a person’s face. Skin will appear puffier, sometimes greyer, just overall more sallow and unappealing than a freshly rested person. The best way to combat this is to search for the #1 best mattress pick to ensure good beauty sleep.

Not Enough Sleep Accelerates the Aging Process

Having a bad sleeping routine can actually have a negative impact on your personal aging process. Constant inflammation is something that skin doesn’t like to put up with, and the more fatigued you are, the longer that inflammation is going to stick around to cause things like collagen damage.

Not Enough Sleep Contributes to Weight Gain

If you aren’t properly rested, you are more likely to crave junk foods and instant energy foods that are unhealthy. Of course, the more junk food you eat, the worse condition your skin will start to become. The oilier and more sugary the items, the oilier and more greasy your face is likely to get. In many ways, the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ has never been more appropriate than when applied to how food can affect your face, not to mention leading to weight gain.