Choosing hairstyles after being in old age is said to be difficult because the hairstyle should not only be stylish and class at that moment but should also be decent enough for an older woman. We can understand all of your confusions in this regard. That is why; we are presenting to you the most appropriate tips and techniques from which you would be easily able to choose a right, classy, decent and elegant hairstyle for yourself by easily getting through all the hairstyles for women over 50.

So no matter if you are a lady over 50 and are finding an elegant as well as an attractive short hairstyle for yourself then you can easily have a look at some following ways. These ways will help you find a great short hairstyle exactly according to your occasion and needs.

1. Determine the Shape of your Face

The first thing to do while looking for a hairstyle that would be completely appropriate for you is to determine the shape of your face. Hairstyles usually look elegant or decent on the people whose face cut proves to be appropriate for that hairstyle. Moreover, hairstyles for short hair completely depends upon the face cut as you don’t have much hair to show, so your face is something that matters the most in that hairstyle.

2. Discover your Hair Texture

The most important thing that matters for a short hairstyle is the hair texture. Some women have wavy or curly hair which means a small layered cut will not be much prominent on their face and that’s why they should avoid having it. Similarly, the women who have straight and silky hair should go for the hairstyles which would not only look great but also be appropriate for your hair texture and its length.

3. Try to Hide your flaws on the Face

A good hairstyle is something that can hide all the flaws present on your face. A short haircut can also make all people easily attracted to the best features of your face. Moreover, being an old woman, there comes many rashes and wrinkles in the face so if you are getting a chance to hide them all just by an appropriate haircut than why not? Make your face look more attractive and thus, you will be looking way much younger than your original age.

4. Consult with a Fashion Magazine

If you are the women who are not much into the latest fashion and do not know about the latest fashion trends and hairstyles then looking for an appropriate short hairstyle for yourself in a magazine would be the best option to choose. The latest fashion magazine will make you aware of all the ongoing trends and classy short hairstyles. Moreover, a magazine will also help you in choosing the best short hairstyle according to your age and looks. Therefore, you can also look into the magazines of different fashion brands to get more views and more options for yourself according to your age to choose from.


These are the major ways that will help you to choose the most iconic short hairstyle. Being an old woman, choosing the right one is actually very important as the hair do not grow to a good length again and again. So, you should also choose the hairstyle with which you will feel comfortable as well as classy and elegant too. Old women look gorgeous when they keep everything simple and decent. So, choose your short hairstyle with keeping this thing in mind.