The benefits of working as a local GP is undeniable. Quite the number of GPs choose to work as locum instead of remaining a partner or remaining in a salaried role. And this is why:

An Enhanced Work-Life Balance

For many health professionals, their main drive for entering a career in medicine is passion. GPs lead a hectic life in between seeing patients, maintaining records, and keeping themselves updated on the latest medical developments. Being a locum, however, permits them to take time off in between the daily pressures associated with the medical field. This way, they can select what and how many responsibilities they can take on. They can reject offers that don’t appeal to them, which is not possible when they are permanently employed.

The Flexibility Of Working Hours

GPs often have burnout problems. The full-time hours in the medical field is a regular source of stress. While working full-time as a GP means a typical week consists of 40 hours per week, GPs working hours often exceed 80 hours per week, including the hours they are available on call. Being able to enjoy a flexible schedule and work part-time are two excellent methods of avoiding a prevalent burnout. A significant advantage of working locum is being able to choose the hours you spend working and spending more time with your family. Check out locum GP jobs in Australia.

More Experienced And A More Extensive Network

As a locum GP, you can work for various practices, work side by side with various GPs, and meet patients from different walks of life. It provides you with more opportunities to acquire more skills and build professional relationships that can progress to a better career. It is almost like running your own personal business. You must view yourself as a brand that offers a service; therefore, you must have the necessary skills for running a business. You must have a working knowledge of finance, business management, and accounting. Other essential skills include independence, self-confidence, and organizational skills.

Better Income

Salaried GPS is not nearly paid what they’re worth, and partner GPs have significant workloads. The average pay for locums increased by six percent while full-time GP earnings have gone down by two percent, according to a report published by the Daily Mail. One of the most lucrative advantages of working as a locum doctor is the control you have over your income. Unlike salaried GPs, where you know precisely what you’ll be earning contingent on the hours you’ve put in, working as a locum permits you to receive more by selecting the hospitals that have better rates. Besides making more, when you are a locum GP, you can set yourself up to work as a contractor. Since you are a business, some of the expenses you incur might be tax-deductible expenses that can be offset against your bottom line. The benefits of working as a locum general practitioner mentioned in this post are among just a few reasons why this practice must be considered. Working as a locum is not a walk in the park, but it can be highly rewarding. Once you’ve gotten the used to it, the advantages will outweigh the hassle.