If perhaps you have moved to your new home and realized that that the bathroom is super small, you need not worry as there are smart ways to make the most out of the available space. A tiny bathroom can indeed hinder your shower experience with challenges such as configuring the toilet and sink, storing your towels, limited room to scrub among other problems which can worsen your mornings. Nonetheless, there are ways you can make the most of your tiny bathroom by employing a couple of space-saving tips coupled with a splash of stunning accessories as well as textiles that will transform even the modest of bathrooms into enviable space within minutes. Below are four smart ways to create a spacious bathroom out of a small bathroom.

1. Experiment with Natural Light

Natural light can naturally make a small space appear much bigger. In your tiny bathroom, you can install a skylight to allow natural light into the bathroom, making it seem much more extensive. Similarly, you can combine natural lighting with different paint effects to create an illusion of space. For instance, you can paint your bathroom halfway with dark colors and brighter colors on top to perfectly blend with the natural light and create an illusion of space and height. The different shades on your bathroom wall coupled with natural lighting, will create an ideal depth which mill make the room appear larger than it really is.

2. Keep your bathroom spacious

For a tiny bathroom, you would want to keep it spacious both architecturally and visually. You can easily achieve this idea by keeping the bathroom open by clearing the clutter and not allowing too many items into it. Organize your items daily, ensuring that your bath towels are well hanged on bars or hooks, and everything is generally organized in a simple way. By achieving this, the room will generally fell bigger and more spacious. Additionally, you would want to install bathroom furnishings that allow the bathroom to appear more spacious. For instance, you can choose a clear glass door over shower curtains; pedestal sinks over a bulky vanity, Also, try to invest in reflective surfaces such as glossy ceramics which will certainly make the space appear larger.

3. Go for wall-mounted units

To make your tiny bathroom more spacious, floating wall mounted units. Skip bulky cabinets, as well as a floating basin sinks, are fuss-free with a streamlined look, therefore, save a lot of space. Moreover, wall-units do not only save space but also are incredibly chic, making your bathroom appear classy. Wall-mounted units come in a wide range of heights, widths, and depths depending on the size of your bathroom. When considering to install wall-mounted units in your tiny bathroom, you may want to go for white ones as they tend to make the limited space feel much bigger and brighter. On top of wall-mounted units, you can also incorporate freestanding furniture in your bathroom. This is because freestanding furniture is movable, unlike fitted bathroom units; therefore, you can easily create space depending on your needs.

4. Create interest in your bathroom

One of the greatest ways to disguise a small bathroom is to generate interest in it using various means. For instance, you can hang a striking wallpaper specifically made for bathrooms. You can also create interest by playing with the boundaries of perception by matching your wall tiles with the side of your bathtub. This will make it harder to identify the start of walls, therefore, creating an illusion of a larger space. Similarly, you can also choose to use the same tiles on the floor and walls to create a spacious feel. Or you can use natural stone in your bathroom wall and blend it up with sharp color contrast with your towel or other accessories.


To conclude, big bathrooms are certainly a luxury of many people but are very expensive. However, you can still turn your tiny bathroom into a spacious luxury bathroom by employing smart architectural finishes as well as clever boiler installation.