Quality of Air

Trees provide a key source of oxygen, and also naturally clean the carbon dioxide in the air. Both oxygen and carbon dioxide are critically important to the air humans breathe every day. Trees also help with the quality of air that humans breathe; poor quality air can lead to numerous health issues, which is a good reason that every person needs to care about trees, as it comes down to survival and health.

From a scientific standpoint, forests can store carbon and serve as “carbon sinks” when the forests increase in density and the area that they cover. For example, Canada’s boreal forests are estimated to hold about 80% of carbon as dead organic matter in the soils of these boreal forests. Carbon sinks are important as they store some of the carbon from the air. As pollution is caused by human activities such as transportation and the use of fossil fuels, it is critical to recognize the importance of maintaining these forests so that the world can have high quality air to breathe.

Nature and Beauty

Trees have been a key part of nature since the beginning of time. They are beautiful and are frequently found in many natural parks throughout the globe. Additionally, they provide the homes for animals and insects across the animal kingdom. Forests are threatened by the actions of humans, which can lead to the destruction of animals, insects and also other types of plants and foliage.

Use of Trees in Trade

Trees provide wood that is used in many items and building structures throughout the world and in trade. They also are a key source of fuel, both of which are crucial towards the survival of many industries. Even those that do not work with wood directly may have worked in businesses that provide services to those that depend on the use of trees as part of their trade. It is an integral part of the world trade system that cannot be ignored by anyone.

Trees and the Value they Add to Homeowners

A common material used to build homes is wood, which comes from trees. However, this is not the only reason homeowners should care about trees. Trees in their natural form can add a great deal of aesthetic value and appeal to a piece of property, increasing its value and curb appeal. Additionally, trees are a natural way to provide shade. Thanks to the wide array of types of trees available, trees also provide homeowners with a great way to add character to their yard and to find the perfect trees based on the needs and aesthetic appeal they are seeking.

While trees are great investments that homeowners should consider, it is important to note that they may wish to retain the services of professional tree care services in the process of planting trees and caring for fully grown trees. If a tree is dying, it can cause serious damage to the home if it is not removed. When a tree is essentially dead, the roots holding it to the ground are as well and a simple storm could cause it to fall. This can cause home damage as well as damage to people and animals.

If you do not know who to look for when retaining a professional for tree-related services, a good place to start is to look for ones with ISA certification credentials. This demonstrates a level of training and knowledge in all aspects of arboriculture.