Doing the laundry is seldom something that anyone associates with fun, but it is one of those inevitable chores of our lives that we just can’t avoid, unfortunately! The good news is that an aesthetically pleasing and functionally designed laundry room can definitely make the job seem a lot less tedious, in addition to saving a lot of time every week. To make the same happen in your own laundry room, go through these four ideas and see if you can’t make them work.

Blend the Laundry Room in with the Decor

Blend the Laundry Room
Typically, laundry rooms are designed quite blandly for some reason and while most of us are used to that, consider a different approach to make things look and feel better. Decorate the laundry room just as you would decorate any other room in the house, and make sure that it fits in with the rest of the decor of your home. When the laundry room starts to look like an actual part of your home, the washing and drying doesn’t feel so much like a chore anymore.

On the other hand, if you want to make your laundry room stand out, that’s okay too, but don’t keep it bland, white and uninteresting. Add some vibrant colors to the walls or choose a wallpaper with bright and bold patterns, put in colorful rugs and arrange for comfortable seats as well. The idea is to make the room look and feel exactly like you want it to, irrespective of how unorthodox it may seem to others.

Increase Counter Space

Counter Space
This is easier to do when you have a huge laundry room, but not quite so when the space is particularly small. Nonetheless, you will need sufficient counter space even in a small laundry room for folding, arranging and ironing the clothes, so improvisation will be necessary. An efficient way to incorporate counter space into even the smallest of laundry rooms would be by placing the counter right on top of your side-loading washer and dryer. If the room is big enough though, a separate, large counter space in the middle of the room will look and work best.

Get Your Washing Machine to Run at Optimum Efficiency

Washing Machine
Nobody likes to spend their entire weekend doing laundry, so having all machines running in full efficiency is essential in cutting down on the time needed for washing and drying clothes. If the machine is not working at full efficiency or if it has broken down, get your washing machine repaired by an expert instead of trying anything by yourself. Hotpoint handles everything from circuit board failures to pipe blockage issues, and they even have detailed guides on handling common washing machine related problems on their website for houseowners to check out if you are interested.

Separate Your Colors with Separate Bins

Colors with Separate Bins
Ideally, there should be at least three separate baskets for dirty clothes, marked as Light, White and Dark to prevent the white and light-colored clothes from being ruined and also to save time. It makes no sense for people to have to waste time in sorting the colors out from the dirty pile, when it can be easily avoided.

None of the ideas we just discussed are too extravagant and therefore, adopting all of them is highly recommended. Even if you can’t paint your laundry room walls and increase counter space at the same time, why not plan to have it all done eventually? However, if you had to priorities just one of these four, get your washing machine to run at maximum efficiency because that’s pretty much the most important thing in the laundry room!