Wedding photographs can relive the love between couples. This is why there’s a lot of effort put to capture great shots that will serve as great memoirs of this symbolic event.

In this post, we’ve listed the primary photography gears that will make your clients proud of hiring you to cover their event.

1. Drone-mounted camera

The use of drones and cameras is the most excellent way of capturing wedding shots. These remote-controlled flying machines powered by robotic technology allow you to capture aerial photographs and videos and can also be maneuvered to create cinematic and dramatic effects.

Drones like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, YUNEEC Q500 4K Typhoon, DJI Inspire and the DJI Spark are commonly used around Austin for aerial photography.

It is simply the most advanced technology in photography and is already massively used for wedding video production services austin tx, and everywhere else in the world.

2. A good DSLR camera

If drone technology is not yet your thing, you’ll be fine with a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera for capturing wedding images of a lifetime. These cameras are designed to combine the functions of a digital image sensor with their special optical functionality. The amazing results are high-resolution images that are much better than images made with photographic films.

The cost of DLSR cameras vary in Austin. You can get the Canon 6D Mark II or rather go with the Sony alpha A7 II have full frame sensors if you are a fan of full frame sensors. This gives you higher image resolution between 30 to 45 MP. The Sony Alpha a7 II Mirrorless Digital Camera having FE 28-70mm f/3.5‎ can cost you about $600 in Austin.

Given that most weddings take place inside church halls, there is likelihood of poor lighting. Thus, getting a good DSLR camera with low-light optimization will surely save the day. DSLR cameras are also popularly used by professional photographers offering wedding video production services austin tx.

3. Zoom lens and other lenses

It is possible to face challenges with proper positioning or getting access to the altar to capture the exchanging of wedding vows. Remember that if you can’t do this, you have lost the essence of the moment.

Deploying zoom lens is a great way of capturing high-resolution images from afar. They can also compress the focal length to create very sharp images with the right sizes. The other lenses that you may need to use include macro lenses, wide-aperture lenses, and wide-angle lenses.

4. A good memory card with enough storage space

It is possible to forget this in the flurry and excitement of the moment. A memory card is a micro storage device that you can use to save captured images for processing.

Make sure that it is not corrupt and that it has good amount of space. Nothing can be more devastating than losing all your images after all the hard work.

It may be necessary to compile a checklist of all your photography gear and tick each one as you pack it into your bag to make sure nothing is left to chance.