No matter where you’re at in your life, you may have to face the situation when you need to benefit from a lift chair.

But what is a lift chair? How to use one that fits your needs the best way? To these questions and a couple more we’re answering right down below.

1. What is a lift chair?

Lift chair falls into the category of medical equipment. They resemble a lot the reclining chairs, but they do share some differences. Even if they do provide the same thing as the reclining chairs (extend the footrest, recline your back), they’re also doing something that regular recliners cannot do- they also lift you!

A lift chair features a robust system that is bending the back and the base forward. The same system is going to help one get back to a standing position from the sitting area. You don’t need to operate anything as lift chairs come with remote control.

The variety of lift chairs is impressive, and they come with various features and functions. Don’t hesitate to scroll through the multiple options from The store provides all sorts of lift chairs that are made with different materials, including various functions (heat and massage are great to have on a lift chair) and comes in many sizes too.

Regardless of your final choice, bear in mind that all lift chairs are supposed to help one to get out of the chair and back to standing position.

2. Who can benefit from a lift chair?

Anyone that cannot get in and out of the chair without help can use a lift chair. But this is general guidance, so let’s see the categories:

The elderly that find it difficult to sit down and get up from a regular chair is going to find the lift chairs a great solution. Unless they have someone there to help them 24/7, you cannot always be confident that they’re not going to need help sitting down/getting out of the chair.

Anyone old that is alone most of the time is going to get the best out of a lift chair. This type of chair gives assistance that one may need. It also creates a stronger feeling of independence, which many old people miss later in life.

If you’re dealing with chronic pain or a condition limiting your mobility, a lift chair may be precisely what you need. You don’t need to be above 60 years old to use a lift chair. You can use one when you’re recovering from a surgery or in case you’ve lost some of your mobility on the cause of current illnesses or surgeries.

The lift chair is excellent not only for the back pain and injuries but also for your arms too. If you had any shoulders/hands surgeries recently, the lift chair is going to ease out the strain on them.

Anyone suffering from constant sore back, joint pain or arthritis may also put the lift chairs to good use.

3. What are the advantages of lift chairs?

If you think you are in one of the categories above, you should scroll down for further details.

Let’s see what a lift chair can do for you:

It helps you get back your independence. You never realize how often you sit down/stand up until you cannot do it on your own anymore. Nobody feels great when they need constant help for sitting down/getting out of a chair. A lift chair is going to help one feel independent once again.

It helps the elderly get tired a lot less. An elderly isn’t going to waste his/her energy for sitting down/getting out of the chair. Using a lift chair can also reduce the shoulder fatigue as one don’t have to push back for reclining anymore.

It improves posture. A lift chair works as an electric recliner as well as it features a remote that allows you to go through various positions. Plenty of models out there include a nice variety of motion so finding one or several that you like easy to do. The lift chairs move nice and slow, without agitating an injured person and cause any more pain.

It comes with a leg rest which is going to improve the fluid reduction. It benefits the circulation and minimizes the swelling. It can also alleviate pain in legs.

Lift chairs can also improve the muscle tone, slowing down the skeletal joint degeneration.

4. How to choose your lift chair?

There are many types of lift chairs, and they come with different materials or functions. As they’re also a piece of furniture, they still carry features that count for the aesthetics of your home.

Here are some things to consider when selecting your lift chair:

The material of the lift chair counts. You should think about whether you’re going to eat or drink in the lift chair. It’s better that you go with leather/vinyl upholstery if you plan to do it a lot. They’re easy to clean and don’t stain that easily.

Is your pet going to sit by you in your lift chair? If so, it’s best that you go with a wider lift chair so that you don’t end up sitting uncomfortably in the chair.

Do you plan to sit a lot in the chair? Are you only going to relax in it or also get some sleep? If you want to sleep in the lift chair, it’s better that you go with an infinite-position chair and not one with two/three positions. The infinite-position chair is going to provide you the comfort you need when sleeping.

If it’s only temporary, you can also rent a lift chair and not buy it. It’s a lot cheaper, and you use it just until you get back on your feet. You can also buy it afterward if you’re happy with it and cannot go back to a “no lift-chair” kind of life.

One tip for the road

No matter the reasons for which you’re considering buying a lift chair, you should never buy it without checking your options first. They’re a wise and essential investment, and the last thing you want is to end up with a lemon.