A luxury watch is more just a tool to tell everyone the right time, it is also a piece and a statement of jewelry for every woman. That is why if you wanted to pick the right luxury watch for your girl as a gift, it should be attractive and elegant. But the problem here is that there are a lot of women luxury watches for you to choose from and that can be very difficult.

To pick the right luxury watch for your girl, you must first know the way she dresses, her personality, hobbies, and lifestyle. By looking into these things you will be able to find the right luxury watch. A luxury watch can be very expensive and others can be very rare and difficult to find and to give you an idea, here are the lists of the best luxury watch you can give.

IWC Portofino Automatic Day & Night 37

The Portofino Automatic Day and Night 37 is a luxury watch made by IWC International Watch Co. AG. This brand is one of the most famous Swiss watch manufacturer located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and founded by an American timepiece maker Florentine Ariosto Jones in the year 1868.

This watch is very stylish and functional at the same time, it has a reserve 42-hour power, a secondary time display that can produce up to 24 hours, and a water resistance of 3 bar. When it comes to style, it has a beautiful alligator leather strap and a red 18-karat gold case with diamonds around it which creates a very pretty polished statement.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Quartz

Audemars Piguet is a great Swiss manufacturer of mechanical luxury watches and other clocks that founded by Edward Auguste Piguet and Jules Louis Audemars in Vallee de Joux in the year 1875. This brand is known because of its Royal Oak wristwatch designs which are very unique and beautiful which is perfect for your girl.

The Royal Oak Quartz has a revolutionary and stylish design with its 33mm case which is made from high-quality titanium and highly polished bezels that have 40 shiny cut diamonds on it. Its bracelets are also made from titanium with a 950 polished platinum links.

With its “Grande Tapisserie” patterns, blue dials, white gold markers, and a Royal Oak hands, this watch is one of the prettiest luxury watches you can buy in the market right now. Your girl will be delighted receiving this as a gift from you.

Vacheron Constantin Traditionelle Manual -Winding Jewellery

The Vacheron Constantin is a Swiss watchmaker founded in 1755. It also one of the oldest watchmakers in the whole world without stopping its operation since its founding days. As of 2018, the company employed more than 1,200 which most of its employees are in its base manufacturing facilities in Valle de Joux and Canton of Geneva in Switzerland.

One of its best luxury watches right now is the Traditionelle Jewellery which is very fashionable and perfect for those women who love to dress-up. It has an 18k white gold case, a transparent back case made by sapphire glass, 18k gold hour and minute hands, an 18k white gold bracelet, and more than 1400 diamonds.

Omega Constellation Sedna

Omega is a Swiss manufacturer founded by Louis Brandt in Chaux-de-Fonds in 1848 and started operating by the name La Generale Watch Co. until they changed it into Omega in 1903. In 1917, Britain’s Royal Flying Corps picked Omega luxury watches as their official timepiece for their combat units and the US Army also signed to the brand in the year 1918.

Their best luxury watch for women is the Constellation Sedna. It is the first luxury watch that has been created using an 18k Sedna gold. The watch itself features an 18k Sedna gold hands and indexes, a brushed bezel that has a carved roman numerals which is mounted to its 38mm highly-polished case with a premium brown strap leather.

You will never get wrong choosing the Omega Constellation Sedna. It provides simplicity and beauty at the same time. You can also check their other watch lines like Seamster, Speedmaster, and the De Ville.


These are the best luxury watches right now that you can provide as a gift for your girl. They can be very expensive but you can be sure that each one of these watches is the perfect watch a girl could ever ask for.