Your wedding is an affair to remember. It is your union with the person you want to be with, in health and sickness, and for the rest of your life.

However, planning a wedding seems such a hassle that many are put off just by the thought of it, especially when choosing the right dress for the occasion. A wedding should be fun as well as a memorable experience that you treasure for the rest of your life. So, stop for a moment and take advice on how to accessorize your wedding day with the perfect accessory.

Tips for choosing the best jewelry for your wedding are never enough. You must have already come across too many of them. Here are some more tips that will help turn your wedding day into the most memorable day of your life.

Bridal Jewelry Comes after the Dress

Jewelry is a form of accessory. It means that jewelry is intended to complement whatever outfit you choose to wear, in this case, your wedding dress. So, before you start shopping for that elegant 18-karat gold necklace, make sure it goes well with your already-bought wedding dress. A bad combination of jewelry and the dress can ruin the final look even in the most expensive wedding dress. So, if you’re planning from the ground up, start planning your wedding gown first before shopping for jewelry.

Jewelry Comes First if It is an Heirloom

Sometimes, a family heirloom is the main attraction of your wedding dress. In this case, you should get a wedding dress that will fit the type of heirloom your family has. If it is a golden necklace, then try a wedding dress that has an ivory hue with a V-neck trim. If it is an earring, then make sure your hairstyle will not cover it up. However, it is essential to strike a balance between showing off and being proud and happy. So, when shopping around your jewelry, make sure you buy a dress that gives you complete satisfaction.

Consider the Neckline for Necklaces

One of the crucial things that are usually overlooked when choosing bridal jewelry is if it fits the contour, shape, and trim of the wedding dress. There are different kinds of necklines which demand different types of necklaces. V-necks or any moderately plunging neckline calls for either a pendant or a choker. For a strapless dress, a small pendant is a perfect match. Remember, not all dresses mean you wear a necklace. There are certain outfits, like dresses with halter necklines, where earrings are the best thing to accessorize with.

Be Happy and Enjoy the Day

In the end, all that matters is your happiness and comfort. Never trade comfort for anything else. It is the single most important feeling that makes this hectic day a memorable one. An ordinary wedding dress that makes you feel beautiful is better than a beautiful gown that is uncomfortable to wear. Each memory of that day should be pleasant and should never make you feel like you had a hard time getting wedded to your true love. Get the dress that you feel good wearing. Find the accessory that you love and wear it proudly in front of everyone.