Parting ways has been one of the most devastating issues in one’s lifetime. It’s emotionally and physically draining in additional to the financial costs involved. When people watch programs on television, they assume that this is just like any other program, but mostly it’s a difficult and painful topic when the reality takes place.
To manage some of these mind draining issues, it’s essential to consider getting a cheap divorce to compensate for the heartache that one goes through. Utah is one of the states that accept various ways to get a cheap break up, provided it’s uncontested. By this, we mean that the divorcing couples have agreed on the contested issues, and this minimizes the stress and time taken while going through a trial.

However, for one to qualify for a cheap divorce in Utah, below are the requirements:

All issues relating to the separation must have been agreed on and well defined.
Either of the partners must have lived in Utah for at least three months, and should there be a child involved, then the period is extended to 6 months.
Issues relating to child custody, visitation, or support must have been discussed beforehand, and the couples need to sign an agreement to this before starting the split-up process.
The couple must declare openly who will take custody of the children; define how the marital property will be divided and also how the financial obligations in terms of loans or savings will be shared.

When all these are agreed upon, then the divorce will be uncontested, and the couples will be able to go through the process amicably.

Grounds for separation in Utah;

When there are irreconcilable differences, then Utah allows for ending such a marriage. Some causes of such issues include;

Desertion from one’s partner for more than a year.
Confirmed impotence from the time the marriage was initiated.
Physical and emotional abuse.
Habitual drunkenness.
Irrepressible insanity

Having said this, we are now able to analyze the three ways to get divorced in Utah

1. Mediation

The notion behind any separation is that it’s a complicated, challenging process that affects the couple negatively whenever they encounter such. However, with mediation, the process is shortened since once does not have to face the judges for trial, and one can go through the entire procedure without an attorney.

Mediation is, therefore, a method of break up where an expert in marriage and divorce comes in as an independent party, to bridge the gap and help the couples to end their marriage in total agreement. He neither takes sides but facilitates communication between the two parties, which could otherwise have been a challenge.

In Utah, as the parties process the divorce forms, the law demands that one of the sessions must accompany the documents. As such, it is advised that the separating couple should take the session with the seriousness it deserves since it will be part of a requirement while preparing the decree.

Reasons to consider Mediation in Utah:

Reduces stress during the trial- Nobody likes to be seen standing in the courts’ bars waiting for a trial in front of the public. In mediation, one does not have to do this, and one can control any emotions that may arise in private.

The Cost of divorce is reduced- In as much as all types of separation have costs, mediation is not only cheaper but more productive and the time taken to process the final decree is shorter. The reason is that one does not have to attend court trials.

All that is required is the submission of papers and await the judgment day.

The parties can work out on a strategy that best works for them-This reduces the stress of forcing a judge to put demands on your case if you already have strategies in place.

2. Online divorce

While in search of a cheap divorce in Utah, online divorce is another excellent way in which couples can end their marriage. It is a form of separation where couples can obtain documents and end their marriage over the internet in Utah.

It’s upon the separating couples to choose the online site that is acceptable in Utah, which will help in the processing of the divorce papers.

There will be no anxiety over where to get the divorce papers since the company will help you obtain them and support to apply for the annulment from the beginning to the end. One only needs to login to the site and access the documents.

Filing for online divorce becomes an easy process since one can fill the papers while sited on the couch at home, provided there is the availability of the internet and a laptop.

With such a web divorce becomes one of the easiest and cheapest forms of marriage annulment in Utah.

If you have reached an agreement over your separation, then why bother seeking the services of a lawyer which are far much expensive compared to online separation, which translates to quick turnaround time, cheaper and more accessible.

3. Do it yourself.

A do it yourself split-up is the type of divorce process where the parties visit the county courts, access the divorce documents, and fills them by themselves.
In Utah, so long as the parties are in agreement to separate, then the process of doing it, you are fully acceptable.
When the papers are filled in the right manner, then the process becomes one of the easiest and quickest processes in Utah.
This applies when both parties have signed the documents pending the judgment.

The process saves money and time to a great extent since the parties are already in agreement about what they want, and the annulment has been confirmed uncontested at all costs.


There are several benefits to weigh and consider an uncontested divorce. As such, it’s of paramount importance to take charge of the costs involved, time, and efficiency expected before starting the separation process.

The described ways of getting a cheap break up above are some of the best ways that one test. All that is needed is to ensure that the dissolution is not contested, and you will be good to go.