The Christmas holiday season is a time where things slow down or stop altogether so friends and family can spend quality time with each other, but you can’t count on identity thieves to take time off for the holidays. Having everybody underneath one roof to enjoy great food and time together is a beautiful thing, but if you suddenly realize you’re the victim of identity theft, it will definitely spoil the mood.

Here are three ways that professional shredders can keep you protected, so your holiday season remains festive.

Reduce Clutter and Data Breach Liabilities

Everybody accumulates paperwork in the course of being a citizen which could potentially harm them if it fell into the wrong hands. It could be documents as common as banking or tax records, or papers containing things like social security numbers or important passwords to accounts.

Whatever it is, if it’s inessential the safest thing you can do is have it professionally shredded. In addition to reducing clutter in your home, this will also prevent identity thieves from having anything which could give them an entry point into your sensitive information.

Keep the home pre-emptively safe from such breaches by calling a document shredding company which can tackle any job, including shredding paper and sensitive information in other forms.

Electronics Present Risks, Too

No doubt your home is filled with new and old electronic devices storing who knows how many gigabytes of data — can you be sure that none of the information stored on these devices is sensitive? What if the wrong people got their hands on these devices?

The best professional shredders can safely and effortlessly shred your electronic devices too. They will pulverize the microchips until none of the data on them can be recovered.

Some of the devices commonly shredded aren’t surprising, such as old smartphones, hard drives, and USB drives. But there are some electronics which store sensitive that you may not think of immediately as a potential risk, such as the memory card of a printer or photocopier.

Play it safe, and have the electronics in your home shredded this Christmas season.

Shredding Has Never Been Easier

While the movies may have you thinking of frantically feeding paper documents into a shredder, in reality modern shredding services are nothing like this. Industry leaders have convenient mobile shredding vans which can shred papers from right outside your home or office.

For larger volumes of documents to be shredded, they should send a completely secure truck to your location to pick them up and transport them to their facilities for safe destruction. Either way, you’ll never have to figure out the logistics of transporting heavy papers — the service comes right to your door.

Nobody expects they’ll be the victim of identity theft, so taking proactive steps to keep yourself from becoming one will give you peace of mind in any season, especially at Christmas time. Remember the three steps outlined above and keep your home and office secure from data breaches this holiday season.