black dress

Black dresses are magical pieces of clothing that every closet needs more than one of. The thing about black dresses is that they work for almost any situation. Date night, interview, meeting, party—you get the idea. There are so many styles of dresses that sometimes it is difficult to decide which ones you need in black. Well, here are the types that are a closet must-have. Also, here is an excuse to hit up some online shops for these three types of black dresses!

Floor length black dress

Floor length black dress
The great thing about floor length dresses is that they give you a dreamy, whimsical look during the summer months. They also have the power to make you look like a bond villain when you are going for a velvet nighttime look.

When going for the nighttime look, think about an open back or a dramatic front. Pick one of these styles and find the most stunning floor length black dress for any evening out that is fancy! These dresses are great for going to a ball, gala or rooftop New Year’s Eve party.

When looking for a floor length summer dress, think about all the fashion ads where there are models wearing these in the desert with chunky accessories, a leather jacket or a beaver fur hat. This is a statement look that is great for festivals or just when you want to look bold and opt for a dramatic look on a hot summer day.

The standard little black dress

standard little
The short black dress is a timeless classic that looks great on any woman once you find the style that works for your body type. The dress can be worn to any nighttime event or daytime event with the right accessories. Every woman needs a little black dress as a style staple for when you just don’t know what to wear and need something that will reliably look great on you.

Little black dresses are worn by movie stars in countless classic scenes and are sure to give you the same charm and confidence. There is something about showing up in all black that immediately turns eyes to you. Make sure you have one or two of these in your closet to grab for any occasion. The added bonus is that a little black dress will never go out of style.

The business professional black dress

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Wearing a black dress is a sure way to feel and look your best at work, in an interview or in any business situation. An a-line black dress with a sharp blazer is a look that will show you are ready for business! Having a powerful black dress for work is also a way to have something to look to when there is a big meeting coming up or an especially important interview. When thinking of this section of your closet, maybe even stock up on a few of these dresses. Black business professional dresses will always flatter you and also project a confident and bold image into any work scenario.

The great thing about business professional black dresses is that they are also versatile, so you can wear them to a funeral or a party even. These are a closet must-have.

Black dresses are timeless staples to every woman’s wardrobe. You almost can never go wrong with the right black dress for the right situation. Take advantage of the online shops that carry thousands of black dress choices. This purchase won’t even make you feel guilty because you will definitely get use out of all your black dresses.