Spring will be here soon! That means it is time to make sure your truck is ready to take on the warmer weather, blooming flora and rain showers of the season. While many of us are excited about the change in seasons, some of our vehicles can take a beating without the proper care. From pick up truck cab covers to cleaning supplies, here are three must-haves for spring.


Plants flower in the spring. This is very beautiful, but it also comes with a lot of pollen. Anyone who has seasonal allergies knows that the spring is a double-edged sword.

Of course, pollen and other plant particles in the air are not just difficult on people’s allergies, they also land on cars. If you’ve ever walked outside to discover a light, tallow dusting all over your truck, you know about this problem. Cleaning regularly is the key to ensuring that avoiding any damage to your paint. Pick up a duster to quickly clean off your truck’s exterior in between full cleanings.

All you need to do is quickly run your duster over the outside of your truck to wipe off any pollen or dirt. These items are designed to be very kind to your paint. This is a more convenient way to protect your truck.

Custom Cover

Pollen isn’t the only airborne hazard for your truck. Spring also sees a lot of animal and bird activity. Again, although this helps make spring lively and enjoyable, it can also be a risk for your truck’s paint job. Bird droppings are particularly bad for your paint and can eat through it if left uncleaned. Of course, most people don’t have time to stop by the car wash every day.

Custom truck covers offer a better solution. Get one for your truck and put it on whenever you are parking for an extended time. It doesn’t take long to slip the cover on, and it will protect your vehicle against all of the hazards of spring. That way, you don’t need to worry about cleaning your truck daily because it won’t get dirty.

Dash Cover

On the topic of covers, dash covers for trucks are also a great idea during the spring. This goes on top of your dashboard and helps protect it against harmful sunlight, spills, dust and more. If you park outside frequently, this is a great idea, especially if you don’t always have your full-truck cover with you.

If you get a custom fit option, it will leave openings for your HVAC vents, storage trays and more. This is a more convenient and effective way to protect your truck’s dashboard against the many potential sources of damage and mess that pop up during the spring.

Get Ready Today

Although you may be dreaming of spring as a respite from the winter weather, it is important to acknowledge the potential hazards of the season. Getting some covers and cleaning supplies will help you ensure that your truck continues to look amazing all through the season. Get ready for the warmer months today.