Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with their impact on the environment. This has led many to look for new ways to be more eco-friendly, whether it is conserving water, starting a compost pile, or establishing a garden in their backyard. One of the simplest ways individuals reduce their environmental impact is by switching from plastic or paper bags to reusable tote bags.

Reusable bags are ideal because they can handle more weight, allow customers to carry more items, and do not break as easily as plastic bags. They can also be cleaned easily, and some even keep items insulated, so hot or cold foods and beverages stay at the perfect temperature.

Many businesses have started selling their own eco-friendly bags, both for marketing and environmental purposes, but it’s important to make sure that your bags stand out from the crowd if you want them to be a profitable and successful venture.

Use the Front and Back of the Bag

Bags come with four sides, but many businesses focus on the front and forget about the other three. You don’t have to focus on designs lining the side of the bag, but your business should design a tote with a logo on both the front and back of it to attract attention no matter what angle it is seen from and market your company effectively with the reusable bag.

You could also get a bit creative with your design and have the two sides combine to form an entire picture, phrase, or riddle, to make the eyes of your target audience linger on your bag even longer.

Consider Your Color Scheme

Color schemes are not to be ignored, as colors are what call the attention of the eye. You can be bold or subtle, but the goal should be to have a visually appealing color scheme. Some companies pair neutral and bold colors, adding juxtaposition to their design without being too forward, while others go for bright and trendy, using flashiness to catch the eye.

Whichever color palette you choose, make sure that any words can be easily read and images are not drowned out by their surroundings.

Get Creative

Bags that look generic are likely not going to garner as much attention as bags with neat designs or sayings on them. When creating tote bags, you can get as creative as you want and come up with an idea that consumers love. By making your bag stand out, you make your brand stand out as well.

You don’t even have to focus on images or brand logos – riddles, jokes, puzzles, and other designs can work just as well. These also have the added bonus of keeping your brand fresh in the customer’s mind, so they’re more likely to think of your business if they need to make future purchases.

To make the process as simple as possible, visit custom earth promos to fully customize your bags and get an amazing end result that you’re proud to take with you anywhere. Customers will be more receptive to your reusable bags if you’ve put thought into the design and make use of all the available space on the bag, come up with a great color scheme, and put your creativity on display.