A watch is much more than a gadget that keeps track of time. And for all the sophisticated men out there, there are some stylish watches that are a must-have for them. Sure these watches are expensive, but they justify the hefty price tag. A well-chosen timepiece enhances your personality and allows you to leave a trail of chic confidence wherever you go. You get recognized as a cultured guy with an excellent taste and who cares about his time and what kind of watch he wears.

Looks, accuracy, and reliability are some of the prime features of a true luxury watch. When you are looking for a luxury watch, it should not only match your budget but aloes your style. The brand, the look, the craftsmanship and beauty of the movement, all matter and make for a beautiful watch.
Here are a couple of luxury timepieces that are sure to make heads turn and single you out as a modern man and inspire awe wherever you go. What makes luxury watches unique is the uniqueness of the design and the functionality they offer. Each of these brands of watches is well known for its distinctive looks and a hint of elegance.

  • Jaeger-Lecoultre

The ultra-thin stainless-steel watch carries an updated take on the original 1907 design. Ever since its inception, Jaeger-Lecoultre has graced men’s wrists, and all its models reflect an aesthetic finesse. The luxury watch for men carries clean lines with symmetry on the dial. Special features include 925/1 movement and a moon phase complication. Along with expert watchmaking know-how, these watches boast of contemporary sporting elegance. They are designed to meet the needs of modern men who mean business. Many different models come with different looks and style, and each of them come with a timeless stylishness that has made the brand an icon.

  • Chanel Monsieur Watch

For men who prefer a sophisticated, minimalist look, Chanel Monsieur Watch makes for the right choice. It is a very impressive timepiece and an iconic brand in the fashion world. Chanel Monsieur is a dedicated wristwatch that carries a great profile, as it was designed and built completely in-house. The opaline dial with a beige gold case and alligator strap embodies perfect geometry. Those sleek digital graphics evoke flawless circularity and enhance the values of aesthetic and technical excellence. With a simply stunning rear, the watch feels well above its weight class. Chanel Monsieur is indeed one of the most coveted watches for men because of its effortlessly elegant style. It is indeed a top choice for minimalist guys and comes with a plethora of options.

  • Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Meteor Automatic

This is an extravagant watch that you can wear every day. Encased in a sport stainless steel case and a sturdy sail canvas strap, the 1315 automatic movement of the Blancpain caliber comes with a 120-hour power reserve. The luminous hands and dot hour markers only add to the classy look. What wins you over is the classic style of a traditional timepiece that has you covered on all fronts, and you get a feel of elegance as you wear it.

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