Many entrepreneurs choose to start a business out of their own homes. It offers a variety of perks, starting with your non-existent commute. There’s also reduced overhead and the comfort of working wherever and whenever you want.

Some of the most profitable companies in the world were started from home. Apple, for example, was started in Steve Jobs’ garage in California. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos started his empire out of his home as well.

Who says you can’t have the same success as these major corporations from your own living room? It starts with choosing the right business. Not all businesses are designed for the home, but here are three great ideas.

Online buying and selling

There’s a new trend in the retail sector that involves finding products purchased at thrift shops, yard sales, and online stores for extremely low prices and then reselling them for closer to market value. It’s truly incredible what people throw away, and their trash can become your treasure. Many thrifty shoppers have made a thriving business from this plan.

To get into this business, you’ll need an eye for bargains and enough thrift stores in the area that seem to collect gently used, high quality products. You’ll go from place to place grabbing inventory, repricing it, and posting it to Ebay, Craigslist, and Facebook sales groups for a profit.

There’s another highly lucrative form of buying and selling that involves taking advantage of store liquidation. When products are returned to big box stores, whether they were used or not, they can’t go back on the shelf. Instead, they get shipped by the pallet to liquidation companies where they’re sold for cheap in bulk.

You can purchase pallets of liquidated items and start your own retail shop with them. All it takes is an ecommerce website and a talent for marketing your products to consumers who want to buy them.

Instagram influencing

Remember when bloggers were able to take their little family blog and turn it into a six-figure business? Well, the blogging market is becoming oversaturated with individuals trying to achieve the same goal, and it’s very, very difficult to succeed in this market under its present circumstances.

Instead, those with a penchant for online entertainment are turning to Instagram to make their fame and fortune. Rather than blogging about your daily exploits or a specific niche (although you’re still welcome to do so), many creative entrepreneurs are becoming major Instagram influencers.

Instagram influencing is a profitable business that starts with growing a large following online through quality content. Once you’ve gained at least 1,000 followers, you can begin marketing yourself as an influencer who gets paid to endorse products and brands.

This job is pretty easy if you’re good with social media, and it results in great passive income that leaves you free to pursue other entrepreneurial pursuits.

Freelance writing

There’s a huge market for freelance writers, particularly in the marketing field. Businesses constantly need content, and if you have a knack for the written word, you can write it for them. You can make a very comfortable living doing this in your pajamas, if you wish.

If you have more talent for entrepreneurship than writing, you can still make a profitable business in this industry. You might start a writing service in which you gather and manage great writers instead of writing all the content yourself. Companies will pay big money for a trusted writing source that can handle their marketing needs.

2019 could be your year to start a highly successful business out of your home. Consider these options and let your entrepreneurial spirit take wing.