Going on holiday is about relaxing and enjoying yourself. We take breaks because we need to escape from the monotony of everyday working life and give ourselves time to reset; that’s why accommodation plays such an important role in how much you enjoy your holiday.

Staying in a positive, comfortable environment is what prepares you for a day of enjoyment. Waking up in a cramped, crowded or uncomfortable room is a sure-fire way of making your holiday unenjoyable, simply because you will always be distracted by the knowledge of the unsuitable accommodation you have to go back to.

Most people opt for all-inclusive hotels or, for a cheaper option, local hostels as their accommodation of choice. These definitely do the job and are comfortably well equipped the majority of the time but what if you want a more unusual experience? In this post we are going to introduce you to three alternative accommodation options that you can take advantage of on your next getaway. Whilst these options differ from a standard hotel, they still offer the same comfort and facilities that you expect, just presented in a quirkier manner.

Whatever your style or destination, hopefully this shortlist will inspire some more unconventional accommodation choices in the future.

Canal Boats and Barges

Canal boats are often forgotten when it comes to holiday accommodation. Arguably, it’s a stretch to call them accommodation as living on a canal boat, even for just a few weeks, is more of a lifestyle.

Cities and countries all across the world have intricate canal systems and the appeal of a canal boat holiday is that it offers you freedom to explore at your heart’s content without losing out on home comforts and luxuries.

The boats themselves come with warm showers, televisions, electricity, fully functional kitchens and more, ensuring that whatever you need to have a comfortable holiday is at your disposal. This host of facilities combined with the incredibly scenic views and some beautiful destinations in the UK alone gives you a brilliantly unique but enjoyable holiday accommodation option. Investigate your local canal options and you’ll also see that the pricing is usually much more affordable than a hotel, too.

Caravans and Park Homes

Caravans and park homes are sometimes viewed with a little scepticism, particularly because of how poorly equipped they used to be. However, in the modern age both touring and static caravans have seen huge improvements and now boast all sorts of facilities from fully functional kitchens and ovens all the way through to hot tubs and jacuzzies. In short, if you have a specific requirement for your holiday accommodation, there is probably a caravan that provides it.

One of the most popular aspects of caravan accommodation is actually the parks where the caravans are held. Holiday parks are like self-contained communities, often having their own shops and recreational facilities for the residents to use. This is especially beneficial for young families struggling to keep the children entertained on holiday, as many caravan parks have playgrounds and swimming pools for this exact purpose.

Don’t discount caravans and park homes as an accommodation option, be sure to investigate what’s available first and you might be pleasantly surprised by how it affects your budget too.


Finally, treehouses might be something that you associate with being a child but there are some incredible examples being used as real accommodation across the world. One of the best parts about treehouse accommodation is that each individual treehouse varies wildly. You might choose a quiet retreat in a small and cosy option for one break, then visit another treehouse that is vast and fully equipped with electronics and facilities for your next getaway. It’s this variation that makes treehouses such a great choice, you will never be stuck with the same old experience.

Aside from this, the environment around the treehouses is often beautiful, coming complete with glorious views of the surrounding area. Treehouse accommodation can be expensive but it’s absolutely worth it for a unique holiday break.

Be sure to take a look into these alternative options before you finalise your next break. Doing something a little different for your holiday can make it all the more enjoyable and as a result, much more relaxing.