Windows open your home up to natural light and give you a view of your surroundings.

The best blinds do a lot more than block light though. They complement your decor and provide a touch of elegance to any decor.

Trying to follow every trend in blind styling can be a quite an adventure though.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the 6 top blind trends of 2019.

1. Brighter and More Offbeat Colors

Until recently you were seriously limited in the color choices available in ‘fashionable’ blinds. You could go with earth tones, white, and of course black. Thankfully that view is falling to the wayside.

It’s now trendy to go with all kinds of different colors. Some of the most popular are rich reds, vibrant blues, and lovely greens. These let you add a personal touch to your windows that just wasn’t possible before.

2. Natural and Organic Materials

Some of the coolest new blinds are made using natural fabrics and materials. Wooden blinds have long been a favorite of classics like Venetian blinds but new designers are making gorgeous blinds and fabric shades from all natural materials.

Popular materials include:

  • Bamboo
  • Jute
  • Canvas

Other than the obvious environmental and appearance benefits these types of blinds create really interesting light effects. Thinner fabrics partially block light, allowing privacy without depriving you of natural lighting.

3. Clear Lines

Sleek modernism is back in a big way. Windows and window blinds are no exception.

The square or rectangular shape of windows lends itself well to clean lines and sharp contrasts. You can improve upon this by choosing fittings and hardware to match.

Think chrome frames and dark gray color choices. New panel-track systems are a great place to start. Inspired by Asian shoji screens, these smoothly moving panels allow you to adjust the opening to any size.

They also give you a very cool range of fabrics, color choices, and styles.

4. Smart Home Features

Some of the hottest emerging trends in the blind industry relate to IoT and smart home tools. These allow you to open, close, or dim your natural lighting with your phone or other devices.

For decades remote control blinds have been possible. The advance now is combining these highly efficient motors with devices like Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Home. Soon with simple voice command, you’ll be able to control your blinds.

If you’re away from home you can check in on your phone and make sure you closed the blinds.

5. Green Design Traits

Green friendly design is fast becoming one of the biggest trends in home design and decorating. Green blinds give you all the performance of traditional blinds while also being friendly to the environment and your wallet.

Many are designed to help block the transfer of heat into your home. This equates to lower heating and cooling bills. This not only saves you money but is also great for the environment.

The type of material used is also adjusted to be in keeping with green trends. New types of vinyl are made to be more environmentally friendly. Fabric blinds are designed with antimicrobial and antifungal traits. This help prevents any potential health hazards from forming on your blinds.

They resist stains far better than traditional materials and are a great option for people who suffer from indoor allergies.

6. Real Hardwoods

An older option recently revived in a big way, wooden blinds add elegance and class to any room they’re in. They’re definitely on the expensive side but you get a lot of value for your money.

Real wood blinds come in a variety of colors and styles. The natural grain on the wood is usually visible and gives a unique appearance to your blinds. Hardwood blinds are durable, easy to care for and do a good job blocking light and heat when fully closed.

They can also be painted, giving you the option to choose whatever color you desire.

Find the Blinds for Your Style

Don’t see anything to match your taste? That’s totally fine. At the end of the day, your blinds have to fit in with your personal sense of style. The blinds you choose should be the blinds you love.