“Impressing the Boss” could be considered a very wide ranging and controversial issue and would solely depend on who you are and what inherent qualities you would have.To look at this issue from a different perspective to what would have been written earlier or perennially on this subject I would like to give a new twist to it. Hence the subordinate would be called “Z” to take this article forward.On the other side of the equation would be your Boss and again it would depend much on what sort of personality he or she would have and what inherent qualities they would have. I would name this individual as “B” for purposes of this article.

Inherent qualities

Inherent qualities are based on genetic composition and it is ingrained into our system at that precise moment that the membrane is pierced and the sperm fertilizes the egg, it would remain within us to show who our father and mother are.


To make it more interesting I would keep their sex under wraps, it would not matter much because most of the countries of the world voting for “same sex marriages” which was unheard of a couple of decades ago. The scenario is work related and in a common office where there are many others too working around with one employee “Z” trying to impress the boss “B”.The first thing that would come into the fore would be the fact that the others in the office would smell a rat the moment that “Z” tries his first initiatives in trying to “impress the boss”.

This fact would not be lost on the others and would be amused with what they would see unfolding before their very eyes the art of “impressing the boss”, and how to do it without any skin peeling off, their colleague “Z’s” teeth.The cat is out of the bag and everyone in the office is aware that “Z” is pining for a promotion and is on a campaign to do whatever is possible to “impress the boss”.

“Z” moves to impress

“Z’ knows that with so many others around him and being the most junior among all, a promotion may not be forthcoming as his is right down in seniority, experience, capability but to his credit he is not short of an abundance of an Ingenious Attitude which others in his office lack.He knows that if he is to get his promotion he has to impress “B” whatever it may take so that he would be able to secure what he is aspiring for.What “Z” plans and devises a 12 point plan to ensure that he is considered on top of the others for the promotion that is to be made shortly by the “B”.

#1.“Z” arrives early in office

“Z’ arrives early and cleans and dusts “B’s” office leaving no dust on the table or debris on the floor and clear the waste basket.

This is not “Z’s” job at all.

#2.Bunch of flowers

“Z” does not forget to bring a fresh bunch of flowers and change the water and place it on the boss “B’s” table, and times it well after his other chores to run down to the car park just as “B” arrives. Panda Edmonton flower Shops will help you to get these flowers.

#3.Open and Close car door

Opens the car door for “B” to step out and then closes it ever so gently with just a click and no bang could be heard.

#4.Carry the briefcase

“Z” picks up “B’s” briefcase and walk in front opening all the five doors to facilitate “B’ to enter office in grand style with all others in the office standing upright to attention.


“Z” would give a good massage of about 10 minutes to “B”, to rejuvenate and get on the job which is enjoyed immensely by “B” who looks forward to this every morning since it began.


“Z” has taken the word respect in its literal form and does not walk into “B’s” office as he feels it is disrespectful and would instead crawl when summoned. He wants to show complete subjugation.


“Z” never sits on any chair in “B’s” office but always sits on the floor as it is again a very disrespectful; act to sit opposite the boss “B”.

#8.Bring produce

“Z” who has a home garden at home would always carry some of his agricultural produce and place it in the car for “B” to take home in the evening.


“Z” accompanies “B” on shopping spree carrying the grocery and other bags running behind “B”.


“Z” praises “B” at every twist and turns in office and elsewhere and would never say a word out of context regarding “B”.

Goes one step further, to always carry every office gossip and tales about and against the others to “B’s” ears which makes the latter happy as he thinks he knows about everything happening around him.


“Z’ keeps “B” entertained by singing to him, in his office during the lunch break.


“Z” runs any errand that “B” would want him too and does not say No! to anything.

The above may be fantasy but with the world turning on its head, with so many subordinates and bosses doing things that they should not be doing this would be child’s play and would go un-noticed in today’s society.We live in a very funny world today and the things we hear about corruption and how subordinates have stooped down to very low levels never seen in the annals of human history if a thing like the above happened it should not alarm anybody.