Are you looking for that vintage kitchen decor that makes you feel cozy and warm at the same time? Then what you’re looking for is a farmhouse or country kitchen theme that will seal the deal for you.

Several rustic touchup ideas such as crisp white shiplap walls, repurpose and reclaimed treasures, and well-worn antiques are trending pretty much everywhere in the United States as well as a couple of other countries around the world.

If you’re looking to seize the moment with farmhouse kitchens, whether it includes apron-front sinks, painted cabinetry, or rough-hewn open shelving, there are several ideas in this article that will go really well for a variety of country chic kitchens.

Here are some amazing big and small country kitchen ideas that you can try for your new rustic kitchen:

1. Custom-Designed Cabinets

One of the best chic country kitchen design ideas – courtesy of Artistic Kitchens – that you can start with our custom design cabinets in knotty alder which are distressed, glazed, and stained. We suggest painting the island in a base coat of Porters Velvet White with a bit of umber glaze. Then we picture the countertops being Verde Orinoco for the island and Venetian gold suede for the perimeter. For more countertop ideas visit Caesarstone.

2. Blue Walls with Decorative and Pink Plates

This is a cheerful, bright and fun idea to go with. The overall pink and blue color scheme along with the floral theme will make your farmhouse kitchen jump in bountiful joy. The adorable floating shelf is a fine way to showcase your antique teacups, china, and some cute linens for you to hang instead of stuffing them away in your drawers.

3. Library Ladder

Adding a library ladder to a farmhouse kitchen will be plenty useful especially when you have upper cabinets that are a little harder for some to have access to.

4. Homemade Cookbook Stand

People with farmhouse kitchens (the original country chic kitchens) back in the day used to prepare plenty of baked goods and home-cooked meals to feed their families going in and out of the house every day. And if you’re thinking about trying a whole set of recipes in your rustic kitchen, we recommend making yourself and aptly-looking cookbook stand. This is country style kitchen decorating at its finest. To make a farmhouse-themed cookbook stand, take a piece of scrap wood to make the base. Then finish it off by applying a coat of stain so that the board looks appropriately aged in that it matches the times of old farmhouses.

5. Pottery and Crocks

Elevate your country style kitchen decorating to the next level with some American stoneware like 19th-century pottery and crocks that will allow your kitchen to accurately mimic that chic countryside aesthetic. We suggest opting for custom-made open shelving which not only puts your pottery in full display but also accommodates their size for it.

6. Cream-Colored Ruffled Seat Covers and Cabinets

If you prefer a cute and bright atmosphere and give your farmhouse-themed kitchen a monochrome cream makeover. To bring that rustic feel, every wood piece from chairs to table legs have to have that decorative country house soft molding and shape. And if you have a blush pink living area right next to your kitchen, you can put in some pink accent pieces on the kitchen island that transitions into the color of the next room’s wall.

7. Stonewall and Wood-Beamed Ceilings

Per Ashgrove Kitchens, you can settle for wood beam ceilings and the stone wall like the chic country kitchen in a Devon, England farmhouse. Instead of going for the better-known sink-accompanied center island workstation, the homeowners of this kitchen decided to go for a center dining table.

8. Doily Table Runner

This is where country decorating ideas for kitchens and vintage decor goes so well with one another. And if you’re thinking about making a doily table runner, it looked great in just about any kitchen. You can select doilies of varying sizes and leave them on top of one another to give the runner look longer. You can stick them together using glue or just sew them together, depending on what you prefer more. The best part about this idea is that doilies look great in any season, so you can place flowers or seasonal candles on your table runner and it won’t ever look out of place.

9. Distressed White Floating Shelves and Cabinets

A farmhouse kitchen can look overall simple, minimal but also rustic at the same time as well. You can use this blog as a source of inspiration. White is especially a great choice for smaller kitchens as the brightness makes them look more spacious from afar. If you look into the source, you’ll notice that there’s an antique ladder hanging from the ceiling that adorned with a couple of flowers. And if you look towards the dishwasher, you’ll notice a clever farmhouse camel.

10. Rustic Kitchen Island

For a shabby chic-style kitchen, we suggest getting some essential items for the occasion such as Victorian farmhouse chairs, vintage china, and chandeliers.

11. Antique Scales Paired with Decorative Knickknacks

Antique scales may have seen the end of their days, but that doesn’t mean they still can’t be useful as the aesthetic pieces these days. You can have these scales arranged side-by-side in groups of 3 or 4. Then finish them off by adding a couple of accident pieces such as color-matching candles or a flower vase.

12. Floral Teacup Motive/Utensil Holder

It’s possible to decoupage anything you set your mind to. And if you have a neat little ceramic, then it’s all good. And even if you don’t, you can make a floral print ceramic on your own. All you need is some acrylic paint, a container, a paintbrush, and a pretty floral print napkin. Follow this tutorial here to see how to get it done.

13. Blue & Red Floral Stoneware Pitcher

If you want to serve milk, creamer, or orange juice for breakfast, then you can use this charming little blue and red floral stoneware picture. And if you’re want to take it further for overnight guests, then fill the pitcher with ice water and place it right next to the guest’s bed along with a tiny glass as well. This way they won’t bother getting up in the middle of the night having to go to the kitchen to get a drink for themselves.