Meat slicers are essential kitchen appliances which are extensively used in grocery stores, delis, and other food service companies like buffets, cafeterias, and catering businesses. This machine is extremely versatile since they are used for chopping and slicing of various produce, meats, and cheeses.

Why Is It Vital To Clean Your Meat Slicer Regularly?

Meat slicers are used on a regular basis for different foods; that’s why it is of utmost importance to maintain and clean them properly. If maintenance and cleaning are not carried out often, food debris can build up in parts of your machine, creating the perfect breeding environment for bacteria. These bacteria then contaminate food which leads to foodborne illnesses. Furthermore, a meat slicer can redistribute flavors of food particles into other items that are sliced later, altering the texture and taste of those foods. You’ll also end up with a cutter that is worn out prematurely that will necessitate replacement.

Maintaining The Meat Slicer Blade

With adequate maintenance, you can extend the life of your meat slicer. You can follow these simple tips:

  • The meat slicer blade must be sharpened frequently by using a sharpening stone.
  • You must only sharpen a clean blade and make sure that the blade is disinfected after sharpening.
  • Always make sure you are following the manufacturer instructions.
  • The machine must be serviced routinely as recommended by the manufacturer. For quality meat slicer parts National Band Saw manufactures and sells meat slicer replacement parts and spare parts. Note: If you notice any water accumulating on any areas of the slicer, use a non-linting towel to dry the areas and lubricate them to avoid corrosion and rust.

When Must A Meat Slicer Be Cleaned?

  • The meat slicer must be wiped down when you’re changing the different cheeses, meats, and other products. Even if you don’t change the food items, the machine must still be adequately cleaned on a daily basis to prevent solid food particles and oils from accumulating on the blade or faceplates, concealing possible harmful bacteria. This is especially essential to maintain a hygienic food preparation area.
  • It is recommended to clean the meat slicer as often as possible, primarily if it is used continuously.

Tips To Employ When Cleaning The Meat Slicer

  • Always wear appropriate cut-resistant gloves, particularly cut-proof metal gloves when you are handling the blade.
  • Never disregard the instructions given by the manufacturer.
  • Avoid using steel wool since it can leave scratches on the machine.
  • Never submerge a slicer entirely. The slicer’s manual will stipulate which parts are dishwasher safe and instructions on how to care for others.


Now that you have access to these useful tips on how to clean your meat slicer, you can maintain and keep the meat slicer in your deli, restaurant, or grocery store in mint condition. Always inspect the machine periodically for any damaged parts or food accumulation. If you are consistent with maintaining your machine, you can increase the life expectancy of the unit and lower the chances of food contamination.