With Valentine’s Day creeping around the corner, brainstorming the perfect gift for the love of your life can seem to get more complicated as each year passes. Maybe you hit the jackpot with the perfect gift a few years ago, but haven’t been able to get the same reception ever since. From dazzling pendants to hundred-dollar gift cards, you’ve tried everything. This Valentine’s Day, give her something truly special to unwrap. Few things compare to the sheer joy you can see through her smile, as well as watching her use or wear your gift over and over again. We’ll dish our secrets on the 11 perfect gifts to get the lady in your life this Valentine’s Day—or for her birthday, or simply just-because!

11.Druzy jewelry

If she has her fair share of diamonds, rose gold bangles, and glitzy rings, try a new genre of jewelry. Druzy jewelry gives a glittering effect to the top of colorful crystals. Druzy jewels tend to be less expensive but double the sparkle. Take her favorite colors into consideration when picking out the perfect druzy gemstone necklace or bracelet!

10.Silk bathrobe

If you are constantly waiting on her to finish up showering, chances are good that the bathroom is her own little at-home spa. Let her live in the lap of luxury with a gorgeous silk robe. She’ll feel as good as she looks, and appreciate your respect for her spa time.

9.Essential oils

Essential oils have taken the aromatherapy market by storm, and for good reason. Made of compounds extracted from plants, essential oils can be used as skin rubs or diffused with heat to fill a room with soothing scents. Stock up on her favorite scents for the most personalized gift.

8.A pair of pointed shoes

Whether you understand women’s fashion or not, just trust us when we say pointed shoes are totally in right now. Not only do they look chic and classy, but they add an edgy vibe to any woman’s wardrobe. Whether she’s into woven flats or high-heeled stilettos, she will love having another fashion staple ready to pair with all of her favorite dresses and jeans. More of a leggings girl? She can still dress her leggings up or down in a boss pair of shoes!

7.Bath bombs

Play into her spa experience and gift her with beautifully colored and exquisitely scented bath bombs. They could be the cherry on top to her long bathroom sessions! Lush is known for making some of the most popular and well-loved bath bombs in the nation. Stock up on 4-8 bombs to make the perfect gift for your lady.

6.Constellation jewelry

There’s something about the stars that are totally captivating. Turn that wonder into something tangible by getting her a thoughtful constellation necklace. If she doesn’t have a favorite like Cassiopeia or the Big Dipper, get her a constellation necklace correlated to her star sign!

5.Jumbo wine glass

The only other best friend a girl needs beside a cute puppy and a couple diamonds is a glass of wine. You know how she loves to over-pour after long days at work, so turn her generous pour into a normal sized one inside of a jumbo wine glass! Her larger-than-life antics are perfectly matched with a giant-sized wine glass.

4.A plant terrarium

Flowers are always a nice surprise and undeniably beautiful, but they only last for a week or so before rotting away. Get her a surprise that will last instead! Plant terrariums constructed with succulents and other low-maintenance plants are an ideal indoor decoration and serve as a constant reminder of how much you love her!

3.100 movies scratch off poster

Is your girl a bona-fide movie buff? She may say yes, but has she seen all the classics? This fun scratch off movie poster lists all the classics and blockbusters from Jaws to Top Gun with unique movie poster artwork. You’ll never have to spend time figuring out what to watch anymore, this list can also serve as your up-next queue!

2.A gift card to her favorite store

If you’ve always struck out when it comes to buying her clothing or accessories, you’re better off just grabbing a gift card and letter her choose the perfect little black dress herself! She’ll appreciate you remembering her favorite shopping haunts and will love the treat of a quick little shopping spree!

1.A romantic getaway

Maybe she’s always dreamed of visiting Amsterdam or maybe she’s tired of the cold winter and has been dying to warm up on the beach—planning a quick romantic getaway to a place you’ll both love is the perfect surprise Valentine’s Day gift. Jetting off to see what the world has to offer will reignite your flame and will certainly take her breath away!

Turn this Valentine’s Day into a sweet success with any of these 11 perfect presents!