Tattoos are becoming one of the most common pieces of art that people carry with them. From little symbols on one finger to images that take up the whole back, or in some cases, even the entire body. Furthermore, the variety of images used ranges from something as simple as a butterfly to more iconic movies symbols or even brands logos, photos of family, phrases or purely unique creation.

If you are into tattoos, there’s a good chance you know about the new fashion involving wedding tattoos. They are complementary or identical tattoos that the groom and bride have done to themselves. You can see different options when it comes to where the tattoos are placed, such as on the chest next to the heart, the hand, the arms, as well as the varying sizes.

One of the reasons behind wedding tattoos is to replace or complement the rings itself with the ring tattoos, adapting the rings tradition to the modern times that are ever changing.

1) Ring tattoos

One of the touching and sexy wedding ring tattoo ideas is to tattoo the rings itself on the couple’s hands instead of the regular rings. This is as there is much more flexibility in the design process when compared to regular rings. One of the most used and not because of it to be discarded is the Celtic ring. This is as the Celtic rings symbolize a bond of love, friendship and loyalty. Other ring tattoo designs include rings made up of words, phrases, or something related to their interests or even something that points to a specific event in history that the couple may have shared.

2) His & Hers

Complementary to the regular rings, some couples add on their wedding finger “His” or “Her” words, representing the bond between them. If you prefer the simplicity and delicacy when it comes to tattoos, this one could be your choice. You can select font, style and even colour according to your style, one of the most delicate versions of it is in white ink, it looks like a silver complement of the wedding ring.

3) Date ring

The “date” ring is similar to the concept behind an engraved ring. The ring will show a specific date. This could be the date of the wedding or any other representative of a significant time for the couple. The options on this sense are many: from a ring made of the date itself, a ring with the date inside of it, in Roman numerals, or in some more stylish fond. If you are interested in differentiating from the engraved tradition, this one can be your preference.

4) Compass ring

Furthermore, as a symbol of a road and the chance of choosing a path to take together, the compass ring tattoo is not only a touching and romantic idea but is also pretty unique. The compass gives the sense of direction, principles and orientation feelings that the couple shares and promise to each other.

5) Flowing tattoo

The flowing tattoo can take many different forms. There are complementing tattoos or a tattoo that is divided into two that when the couple hold hands, will become one. Similar to popular friendship bracelets or necklaces, the design of the flowing wedding tattoo rings can take any form, from hearts to waves as well as designs that integrate the two tattoos.

6) Superheroes

They are many superheroes and comic books fans in the world, and with that come many couples that share this passion. It is therefore not so surprising to hear that some couples choose superheroes couples symbols to show their union in the ring tattoo. Some of the ideas include Cat woman and Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and more.

7) Infinity symbols

Being that the ring is an emblem of a lasting union; some people prefer a ring tattoo with either the familiar infinity logo or infinity pattern. One unique idea for this form of touching wedding tattoo includes the solar wheel, or solar cross, as an image of infinity. It is a powerful and meaningful tattoo. If a permanent tattoo is not enough to represent the lasting of the union, this tattoo itself will do it.

8) Female and Male Animal

If you like the correlative tattoos, the female and male animal could be your thing. Some of the most beautiful ideas that I’ve seen are the lion and lioness head on the ring finger. Other options can include any dogs or unusual animals of your taste.

9) King and Queen

If you have always loved the royalty or the cards games, a charming choice of wedding tattoo for you could be the Kind and Queen of hearts. From the letters and the symbol as the card itself to just including the crowns, there are many options. One clever idea is the king and queen chess pieces on the finger.

10) Musical Keys


Music is the expression of passion for excellence. Therefore, who is to say it can’t be an expression of love and passion that the couple shares too. Some examples include choosing correspondent musical keys, for instance, C and D which are next to each other on the keyboard. Alternatively, if the two of you love some band or song, you can adapt it to your wedding tattoo. This may be by having the notes of a chord at the start of your favorite song, or two corresponding chords in a song.

The options are almost as vast as people’s imagination and creativity. Being the tattoos a piece of art that you are going to carry forever, it is a significant and beautiful token of the fusion of the couple to be wed. If you are creative enough, you can also design your pattern, your tattoo, your souvenir for this memorable moment of your life. Take the current state of the art and don’t be shy to take it to the next level, accustom it to your life, to you and your partner, the sky’s the limit. But even if you are not creative enough to create it yourself, many of the tattoo professionals are excellent in the creation process. Try to find a professional that can generate that icon and freeze this special moment in your life history.

As you know rings used to be and still are one significant piece in the puzzle that is marriage. However, one in the form of a tattoo can represent the meaning of union in between the newlywed, and also involves a different message that establishes a code, a specific bond, a memory of their time together. The ideas are many, and on top of them, you can contribute with your touch, to make this wedding souvenir unique, stylish and sexy.