Hair Care

Who wouldn’t jump for joy after bidding goodbye to the blazing sun and scorching heat of summer? Winter’s here bringing relief and uplifting spirits all around. However, it brings its own set of problems that need to be addressed right at the start.

One of the drawbacks that winter brings is dry and brittle hair. So we need to be well prepared to tackle this problem and help take care of your lustrous locks. Here we present 10 tips on how to care for your hair in winter. This will hold you in good stead and preserve your crowning glory.

1.Control the Dandruff

Control the Dandruff
This is the most common problem that everybody faces in winter. Cold air and a dry environment removes moisture and makes the scalp dry. This leads to proliferation of dandruff that damages the hair. For avoiding itchy dandruff that causes hair and skin damage, take the help of hair oils that can fix this problem.
Research has shown that coconut oil is the most effective remedy for reducing dandruff. KMP Coconut Oil is the best coconut hair oil in India. Its unique composition and anti-dandruff properties will help you get rid of undesirable dandruff quickly.

Use a blend of coconut, olive and almond oil for best results. Heat the mixture a little and mix it with lemon juice. Massage this onto your scalp and leave it for half an hour. Then wash it with a shampoo and apply conditioner for best results.

This procedure will help you control dandruff and will reduce hair fall substantially. Try it out and bid farewell to undesirable dandruff.

2.Comb Your Hair

Comb Your Hair
With the rise in technology, most of us have forgotten the simple solutions to fix complex problems. Using the comb or hairbrush can have therapeutic effects on damaged hair. Combing results in the production of hair oils that are essential for rejuvenating your hair.

Always ensure to comb your hair after conditioning it every day. This will help in protecting your hair strands and will also reduce split ends.

3.Use a Hydrating Conditioner

Use a Hydrating Conditioner
Using a hydrating conditioner will help you protect your beloved tresses effectively. Apply it on your hair and leave it for 30 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Don’t wash it with hot water as this will make your hair brittle and damage it eventually.

Apply conditioner for at least three times every week for best results.

4.Don’t Wash Your Hair with Hot Water

Don’t Wash Your Hair with Hot Water
There’s nothing more refreshing than having a hot water bath in freezing winter. However, this can damage your luscious locks because of the sudden heat in a cold environment. It can also irritate your scalp by removing essential oils and moisture from your temple.

Hence, bring down the temperature of the geyser when having a bath in winter. Although it may leave you a bit shivering in the chilly atmosphere, it will help you preserve your precious hair.

5.Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

Let Your Hair Dry Naturally
Avoid using the blow dryer for drying your hair. We know it’s cold in winter and it takes a long time to dry your hair. However, the excess heat can damage your hair strands and leave it frizzy. Hence, follow this tip and let your hair dry naturally.

If it is imperative to blow dry your hair, then use the cool mode. This will reduce the level of damage to your hair. You can even use heat protection gels available in the market to protect your hair from the excessive heat of the blow dryer.

6.Get Regular Haircuts

Let Your Hair Dry Naturally
In winter there is a high chance of your hair having split ends. The scalp and temple dry up affecting the texture of your hair. This problem can be solved by getting haircuts once in two months. This helps to restructure your hair and is also a damage control mechanism.

7.Don’t Use Too Many Styling Products

Don’t Use Too Many Styling Products
Styling products like gel and cream make your hair look great but they also deprive it of essential nutrients. They also need to be cleansed by regular application of shampoo. This subjects your hair to a variety of chemicals.

Hence, it is better not to use too many styling products. Let oil be your main styling product and even if you need to use styling products, keep it to a minimum.

8.Use a Hat or Scarf

Use a Hat or Scarf
It’s freezing cold in winter, so you need to protect your hair. Excessive cold can make your locks brittle, hence you need to use a hat or scarf to protect you from the cold. Just ensure that it’s not too tight. This will cause a loss in blood circulation.

Remember to remove your hat for a few minutes after a long time as this will allow your hair to respire. Leaving the hat or scarf on for long periods can choke your hair so leave it open at regular intervals.

9.Drink Plenty of Water

Drink Plenty of Water
Never underestimate the importance of water, the life-giving liquid. Staying adequately hydrated will help you protect your scalp and hair from losing their moisture.

10.Have a Balanced Diet

Have a Balanced Diet
Ensure that you have a balanced diet to provide your hair with all the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals to protect it from winter damage.

So, just follow the above tips to have top quality hair in winter!