Colored contact lenses are an excellent and cost-efficient way to change your eye color without the risk of cosmetic surgery. Whether you want your eyes to match your daily outfits, your hair or you want eyes that stand out; colored contact lenses make it possible.

There is a wide range of colors available such as blue-green, pink, yellow, brown, blue, green, hazel brown, grey, and many more. Subtle or bold, it all depends on your preference.

Who Can Wear Colored Contact Lenses?

It is possible to purchase colored contact lenses for cosmetic purposes only. This will contain no corrective power.

Prescription color contacts are also available. Rather than wear the same old plain contact lenses, you can have your eyes corrected while still rocking the eye color of our choice.

Types of Colored Contact Lenses Tint

Colored contacts come in three different tints:

Visibility Tint

This is a very faint tint on the lenses that do not affect the eye color. The purpose of the tint is to make the lens more visible when wearing it, getting it off, or when it falls on the ground.

Enhancement tint

An enhancement tint is a little darker than the visibility tint. It enhances the natural color of the eyes and makes your eyes more vibrant.

Opaque tint

This is a solid colored lens that changes the color of the eye completely. They are suitable for people with dark eye color and want to change, or for achieving special effects when wearing a party costume such as Halloween.

Purchasing the Lenses

The US government classifies the lenses as a medical device, and should only be purchased with a prescription, even in situations where your contact lenses are non-corrective.

Although some vendors will be willing to sell non-prescribed contact lenses to you, it is a risk to your eye health.

Tips for Preventing Dry Eyes When Wearing Colored Contact Lenses

Dry eye syndrome is a condition that occurs when the eyes do not produce enough fluid to keep the eyes lubricated. It results in red eyes, pain, irritation, burning, or a gritty feeling in your eyes.

Dry eyes could occur due to any of the following reasons.

Damaged tear glands

Old age

Some medication

Some autoimmune conditions and diseases

Hormonal changes due to menopause or birth control pills


The condition can also result from wearing contact lenses for long periods. The symptoms get worse when the contact lenses dry out as well.

So how do you prevent dry eye syndrome when wearing colored contact lenses?

1) Wear Them Correctly

The main reason you need to get a prescription even for cosmetic colored contact lenses is for the doctor to explain how to wear the lenses. Failure to which, you are likely to have a day of irritated and dry eyes. Wear for the time period prescribed and follow instructions to the letter.

2) Handle the Lenses Using Clean Hands

Protect your eyes by ensuring your hands are always clean when handling your lenses. Getting particles into the eye, no matter how fine, will leave your eyes feeling irritated and dry as they work to get rid of the foreign particles.

3) Use disposable lenses

Using disposable lenses prevents protein deposits that are often responsible for making the eyes feel dry. Some disposable contact lenses require changing daily. Others could go for a week or month. Ensure you do not exceed the time limit indicated. Disposable lenses also eliminate the need to use lens care products that could cause an allergic reaction and dryness.

4) Silicone-Based Hydrogel Lens

Go for silicone-based hydrogel colored contact lens. Compared to regular hydrogel contacts, this lens prevents water from evaporating easily preventing dry eyes. Your eye care professional could also recommend other lenses that attract water and prevent dryness.

5) Take Breaks

Your eyes need oxygen to remain in good health. Give them a break from the contact lenses at least once a week, and when in your house, such as during weekends. And use glasses instead. Avoid sleeping with them too. Exposing your eyes to the natural oxygen in the air prevents a dry eye problem.

6) Clean your eyes thoroughly

Bacteria buildup can irritate the eyes and cause dryness. Remove your lenses and if you have make-up, take it off, then clean your eyes thoroughly. Gently massage your eyelids with a clean, soft piece of cloth. With your eyes closed, pass a cotton bud along the edge of your eyelids.

7) Use Eye-drops

With the doctor’s prescription, you can use lubricating eye-drops to keep your eyes moist. They are like artificial tears that rewet your eyes. Use them according to the doctor’s directions to avoid developing an allergic reaction.

8) Handle the Eye-drops well

The drops will be providing moisture directly to your eye, and thus should be well taken care of to prevent particles from getting in. Keep the nozzle from getting into contact with your fingers. Always keep the bottle closed.

9) Use the Right Care Products

Not all contact lens solutions are the best for the type of colored contact lens you have. Silicone hydrogel lenses, for instance, require a very particular type of lens care product. Using the wrong care product on your lens could cause dryness. Consult your eye doctor on the best product.

10) Check Your Diet

Some foods have been known to prevent dry eyes and promote eye health such as oily fish. They assist in tear production. Drink plenty of water, fruits, and vegetables as well.

In Conclusion

Enhance the color of your eyes using colored contact lenses. They will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit and increase your confidence. Visit TTDeye official site for a wide range of colors to choose from as well as professional services, and quality products.

Prevent dry eyes when using colored eye lenses by maintaining cleanness when handling your lenses and eye drops. Consult with your doctor on the best lenses and care products, and follow instructions given. Remember that the most natural preventive measure is a healthy diet.

By following these tips, you are sure to enjoy your new look while protecting your eyes.