Want to make your wedding a bit different from the rest? This list of fun, quirky wedding entertainment ideas will give you lots to think about!

Picture this: a traditional white dress, a huge classic church, and a lowkey band for the reception. Does that sound like your worst nightmare for a wedding?

If you want your wedding to be a unique event that every one of your guests (and you!) will remember forever, then keep reading. We’ve compiled this list of 10 quirky wedding entertainment ideas that will make your wedding stand out from the crowd.

1.Heavy Metal Band

heavy metal band
Many weddings have bands that play some low key tunes that will please your great aunt Betty and your new spouse’s mom. But if you want something more unique, consider getting a heavy metal band instead.

Who’s heard of a wedding with a heavy metal band playing the reception before? You might be the first, and only, wedding to do so.

If heavy metal isn’t your cup of tea, you can simply get a band that fits your favorite genre of music. Do you only listen to EDM? Hire your favorite local DJ to tear up the dance floor. Do you really like renaissance music? Find a band that plays some traditional fair tunes.

Whatever you do, read more now about hiring the right band for your quirky reception.


A magical day deserves a professional magician, right? Hire a magician to travel around to each of the tables at your reception and wow your guests with disappearing quarters, guessing their card, and other impressive tricks.

3.Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller
Instead of relying on who catches the bouquet, you can let your guests know their future by hiring a fortune teller. Have them set up a little booth that guests can visit during the reception to have their palms read, gaze into the crystal ball, or have their tarot cards read.

This is a fun activity that guests of all ages will enjoy, especially if they’re curious about a potential wedding in their own future!


We’ve all seen bartenders at bars, but have you ever heard of a budtender? Now that marijuana is becoming legalized in many states and countries, you can potentially hire a pot equivalent of a bartender for your wedding to really entertain your guests (the ones who are legally old enough, of course).

Budtenders will be able to provide your guests with information on different strains and types of weed that will ensure they have a great time at your wedding.

Does your dad want a little something to mellow him out before the father-daughter dance? Or perhaps the best man wants to feel giggly and happy before he breaks it down on the dance floor.

Whatever the case, a marijuana bar will be a bit different than the same old open bar of weddings past.


Having an outdoor reception? Consider having a huge bonfire for all your guests after the sun goes down.

You can provide comfy sweatpants, sweatshirts, blankets, and plenty of s’mores making supplies to really get into the bonfire spirit. You can even have your family and friends do their toasts and speeches around the first for an intimate and unique way to end the night.

6.Photo Booth

Photo Booth
You’ll have a wedding photographer on hand to get the perfect pictures of you, your new spouse, and all of your friends and family enjoying your special day. But there’s something about photobooth photos that people love. They’re fun, nostalgic, and a great keepsake for your guests to remember the day.

To really up the “quirky” factor, provide some fun props for your guests to take into the photo booth with them. Fake mustaches, blow up instruments, beads, devils horns, etc. These will make for some silly pictures that will make you smile whenever you see them.

7.Bouncy House

Bouncy House
Some of us are still kids at heart. If that sounds like you, then consider a bouncy house for your wedding. These will take you right back to childhood, and we guarantee that your guests will love it as well.

The kids at your reception will love it, but we think that the adults will enjoy it just as much. When’s the last time you were in a bouncy castle? The guess will enjoy reliving childhood memories while making new memories on your special day.

8.Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo
Cute baby goats, bunnies, fluffy sheep, ponies, chickens, reindeer, etc. Whatever kind of animal you love, you can have it right there at your wedding to entertain your guests.

Hire a petting zoo company to bring all of your favorites to the reception. Instead of milling around, your guests can spend the reception alternating between dancing and pony rides. They can feed an emu, pet a cow, and have some cake all at the same wedding party.

9.Food Trucks

Food Trucks
Speaking of cake, you don’t have to stay traditional with your food options either. If you really want to be quirky and hipster, consider having some food trucks roll up to your reception.

Ice cream sandwich truck?Taco truck? Acai bowl on the go? Whatever food you love, you can find some great local food trucks that can cater to your guests.


People love to have a keepsake from important events. Instead of the same old name tags, buttons, or napkin rings, why not give your guests a personalized picture that they’ll cherish forever?

A caricaturist at your reception can create one of a kind pictures for your guests that they’ll love. While they might not love when the artist amplifies the size of their nose or highlights the gap in their teeth, it’s all in good fun.

10 Quirky Wedding Entertainment Ideas for a One of a Kind Wedding

Hopefully some of these quirky wedding entertainment ideas caught your eye as you plan your one of a kind wedding. Whether you choose only one of these ideas or decide on a combination, if you use any of these you’re gearing up for an awesome day.

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