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You may be surprised about this, but statistics show Instagram users do not want to see your content on their feeds – at least not as much as you think. In fact, statistics from Crowdtap show that millennials are less likely to place their trust in content that comes from traditional media such as radio and TV, compared to user generated content.

However, do not take it as a sign that they hate you or your business – it is nothing personal. If you think about it, this can present a new way of marketing your business. The only challenge that might present itself in this situation is time – as a marketing professional, you realize completely that you have unending demands on your own time.

The good news is that there is a solution to the problem, in form of Instagram. It may seem tedious to consider it as a platform for creating content, but you quickly realize there is never enough time or money to do so. What makes it even worse is when that content fails to get the attention you thought it would, and it becomes an actual problem, even making you consider services to help you get daily auto followers for Instagram – a risky choice.

Why consider UGC?

Why consider UGC
The answer to this problem is easier than you think, and it all involves embracing user generated content, or UGC as it is also called. The same Crowdtap study showed that these millennials spent five hours a day or more consuming this type of content.

In fact, they tend to engage with it more comfortably and freely, and it has more chances of moving them to actionable solutions compared to other content types.

The reasons for this are numerous, but one of the major ones is because it tends to be easier for a marketer to use and gain benefits from it. Instagram proves to stand out among social media platforms because of its embracing of this type of content.

Whether you are thinking about diving into it for the first time or are a seasoned pro, read on for some tips to help you maximize on it.

Utilize powerful hashtags to submit content

Utilize powerful hashtags to submit content
This is among the easiest and most effective ways of making your users supply you with fresh content. You can tell them to post their own photos or videos and include a special hashtag in their caption or the photo itself. Get to see the best ones, then obtain permission from the user and post these on your own account.

One good example of this is encouraging your followers to come up with logos or artwork depicting your business or things they associate with your brand, using a hashtag you give them. This helps them feel involved in the process, and guarantees an emotional investment in your brand – a sure way to succeed.

Optimize your brand or product for Instagram

If you need an example of this, it is the Share a Coke campaign. This took the simple act of drinking Coca-Cola from their bottles and turned it into a sharable campaign that was personal and unique. For the next couple of months, Instagram was flooded with Coke bottles, and it even spread to other social media platforms.

If your product is not naturally beautiful, encourage your users to add some value to it. An instance is Starbucks cups.

Regardless of the specific method you choose to make your brand look cool, it all boils down to allowing others to join in the conversation. That alone does wonders for your business.

Increase the benefits of sharing content

Increase the benefits of sharing content
This might seem like an obvious strategy, butyou might be surprised that it is not among the top priorities for many businesses on social media, even in Instagram.

If the audience you seek to bring on board does not feel excited about your posts, or they do not feel flattered when they see you posting, then they will not subscribe or submit their content to you. For this reason, you need to give them a valid reason to get excited.

This means you need to consider giving them something in return for their efforts in promoting your product or business. It does not need to be financially major – an action like giving them a shout out on your post or following their account can go a long way to make them feel acknowledged. In addition, you can host a giveaway, give them coupons, and so on.

When the users see that you value their input and their presence, they will want to interact with you more often. That means you will not be in want for content from them, which is a good thing.

Do not share anything, set the bar high

At the end of the day, it is your account, and you are free to do whatever you want with it. That also means you cannot share anything and everything you get – you need to set some barriers.

Do not forget that Instagram is a visual platform, and that means all the content you share needs to be the best in terms of its visual aesthetics. Because of this, it is important that you are selective in what you decide to share.

If there are posts that fail to resonate with your brand or your audience, or they do not pose potential for increasing your engagement levels, it is best to leave them alone. That being said, encourage even the least famous person to submit their content, and share it if it is impressive – you never know, they might surprise you.

Include your website

Include your website
Instagram is nice in helping you achieve marketing goals, but it becomes more powerful when you pair it with other channels on social media in integrated campaigns. Your website is a powerful tool in doing this, such as letting users submit content through it if they choose not to do it on Instagram.

Final thoughts

Instagram presents numerous opportunities to succeed in terms of marketing, and user generated content is among the best ways to do so. That said, it is important to use it properly, and it will guarantee great benefits for your business.