Aromatic Incense Sticks
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High Quality Aromatic Incense Sticks

From time immemorial, man has always been captivated by the power of smell. This characteristic is not limited to any region and is witnessed all over the world. Lifestyle change, but traditions and customs remain the same. Man has always been attracted to smell, and it is not just with the food he consumes, but the scents he inhales in a place he resides and places of worship. This is precisely why incense, frankincense and other substances found widespread use across civilizations, and will continue to have an influence on man’s life.

From the pages of history

Aromatic Incense Sticks
Aromatic incense sticks have been in existence for centuries and this is a matter of record, finding mention in the pages of history. Across continents such as Europe, America, Asia and all regions including the Middle East, incense and other fragrant sticks have been used for many reasons. All major religions make use of incense sticks during ritual worship, and it is possible that this use of aromatic sticks in rituals may have extended into other areas of life. While it is true that the name finds its origin in the Latin language, the first recorded use has been in the Middle East.

Typical fragrance of resin incense

Aromatic Incense Sticks
Typically incense is made from plant sap and aromatic wood. The resin of trees and plants are harvested and used in the creation of aromatic sticks with different flavours. Some of the more popular and expensive resin incense include aromatic woods like the famed agarwood. These fragrances have the power to offer the right kind of stimuli to one of the most powerful sensations. A distinct characteristic of aromatic flavours is the ability to create the feeling of déjà vu, a feeling of being present in a distant land. For instance, and individual in America can relive the experience of the far east, buy lighting up an incense stick that has a typical far east flavour to it.

Exciting flavours to create the right ambience

Aromatic Incense Sticks
Rooms and living spaces can be transformed with the power of scent. Some of the moods that one experiences include vibrant, energized, soothing, restful, hyperactive, soulful, dull and depressed. It is possible to transform the mood in a room by making use of the right kind of smells through aromatic sticks. This is one of the reasons why incense sticks are popular among civilizations all over the world. While it is true that the use is more widespread among the religiously inclined, it is also true that others find a used for fragrance sticks.

Popular scents and ingredients

Aromatic Incense Sticks
The number of fragrances and scents are almost endless and differ from nation to nation, and the actual purpose for lighting the incense sticks. However, some of the fragrances are common and popular across geographical locations and reasons for use. Some of the more common and popular scents are – rose, sandalwood, cedarwood and flora. Ingredients used in the making of incense sticks also differ from region to region and type of use. Here again the most common and popular ingredients used in the making of incense sticks are – sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense, agarwood , rose and cedarwood.

Combustible and noncombustible incense

Aromatic Incense Sticks
Depending on the actual use of incense sticks, it is possible to choose one of two different categories. For instance, it may be necessary to prevent smoke from filling the premises along with the fragrance. It is possible achieve this by using non-combustible incense which is different from combustible types. While the resin and the fragrance are the same, the manner in which the incense sticks release the aroma is different. In the combustible types of incense sticks, the stick will itself be lit, releasing the aroma with smoke as a result of the lit stick. In the non combustible types of incense stick, the stick will not be lit but will be heated up by flames and heat from another external source.

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