If you’re a diver, you will know the importance of the Top 100 Readers Choice Awards which is presently on their 25th year. The destinations that are chosen there are the best picks and they’re based on millions of votes from the most experienced and avid travelers who are traveling all over the world. Among the dive travelers, there is always the question about the best travel destinations which are perfect for scuba diving.

If you’re someone who is interested in scuba diving but you haven’t yet mastered the art, you may take a look at www.caboscuba.com as they have different diving courses which can gradually make you a pro diver. Here are the best diving destinations that travelers can visit throughout the globe.

#1: Australia

As it is home to the healthiest and largest coral reef system, Australia is deemed to be a magical place. It has got the most diverse sea world with more than 1500 fish species, sharks, whales, giant sea turtles and porpoises. This is definitely called the Numero uno diving destination due to its intriguing, majestic and terrifying sea life. The Great Barrier Reef, the Osprey Reef and SS Yongala are the few reefs which are extremely popular in Australia. You may also visit Whitsundays which are the best for diving activities like exploring islands and even sailing. August to December is the best time for diving.

#2: Indonesia

Indonesia has got one of the longest coastlines in the whole world and you get a wide array of colorful and bright dives to select from. Something that will be of much interest to you is that Indonesia is a part of the Coral Triangle of the world which implies that it has got 20% of the coral reefs of the world, sunken wrecks, deep water trenches and volcanic mountains. These are all waiting for the tourists to explore them. Few of the common diving sites are Jakarta, Lembeh, Bunaken, Bali, Raja Ampat, Komodo, Pulau Weh, Lombok and Gili islands are few of the best destinations for diving.

#3: Maldives

The yellow-fin Tuna and coconut palm are the two main symbols of Maldives and this says a big deal about the nation which has got more than thousand islands. If you love the ocean and fishing this may be a perfect place to get some fishing done and some scuba diving. If you need to buy your fishing equipment beforehand check out total fishing tackle. Maldives is a place which is blessed by an underwater world of manta rays, parrot fish, bull sharks, sea turtles and a plethora of corals. All these make Maldives one of the most sought-after destinations by the scuba divers. Here you can find the majestic manta rays swim close to you and you can also witness 36 different varieties of sharks which will swim across your side. Diving is possible in Maldives at any time of the year and December to March is the most visible season.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is madly in love with scuba diving, any of the above mentioned destinations should be your ultimate abode. Make sure you travel during the right season so that everything falls in place.